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Sell My Motorcycle in the Borough of Brent

Do you live in the London Borough of Brent? Are you looking to sell motorbike? You’ve come to the right place! Here at WeBuyAnyBike, we specialise in offering an exceptional service that allows you to price up your bike from the comfort of your own home!


The area of Brent has slowly grown to have one of the largest growing populations in all of the London Boroughs. The last calculation of residency in the area was counted in 2017, it was then taken that the population was at around 332,000 residents. The Borough of Brent is home to a collection of national treasures, such as Wembley Stadium and biker favourite ACE Cafe. As it is such a popular spot for the biking community, we have come up with a collection of motorcycle-friendly places to put on your list when visiting Brent.


London Wembley International

An ideal stop-off spot for if you happen to be attending an event at Wembley. The Wembley International offers FREE parking for guests on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, if you’re looking to stay here when there isn’t an event on, this place is ideal. You can also book in with free breakfast too!

The Green Man

This is also conveniently located near Wembley. It is also a very popular pub when there are football matches on. Free parking is offered to residents of the hotel.


Cafes & Hangouts

The Island

A truly welcoming pub! The Island at Kendal Rise offers a huge selection of pub classics and great cocktails. It is highly recommended by locals and outside visitors. They have various events on throughout the week, such as live bands, and various festive celebrations to go with local occasions like Notting Hill Carnival.

ACE Cafe

A haven for petrol heads... how could we NOT mention this one?! If you are visiting the Borough of Brent as a biker, you have to pay a visit to the ACE Cafe at least once. The famous landmark first opened in 1938 on the North Circular Road or the A406. We can all thank Hugo Edenborough for this traditional biker cafe! Although it has been closed on and off for various times throughout the years, we’re glad that it has been open and thriving continuously since 2001. Today the cafe hosts various ride-outs and general events, as well as providing visitors with a unique experience and a cafe filled with lots of delicious treats! Today the ACE Cafe has grown into an enterprise, with locations open around the world, including Orlando, Beijing, and Finland to name a few.

The Windermere Pub

This place was around to see the foundations of the ACE Cafe! Or thereabouts... it was built in the ’30s. The friendly staff at the Windermere enjoy welcoming all guests to their art-deco timber-panelled pub. This pub comes complete with 3 bars, a large car park on-site and an outdoor seating area for the warmer months.

Motorcycle Repairs

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Fun Facts

  • The Borough of Brent is a very ethnically diverse borough. So much so, that they are running for the ‘Borough of Culture Awards 2020’!
  • To coincide with the previous fact; Brent holds the Guinness World Record for having the biggest Hindu Temple in the world outside of India!
  • Brent is one of the most eco-friendly places around London, with a whole collection of parks and gardens, including:
    - Fryent Country Park
    - Gladstone Park
    - Northwick Park
    - Preston Park
    - Barham Park
    - King Edward VII Park (Wembley)
    - King Edward VII Park (Willesden)
    - One Tree Hill Recreational Ground
    - Alperton Sports Ground
    - Heather Bank
    - Roundwood Park
    - Tiverton Green
    - Queen’s Park
    - Neasden Park
    - Roundwood ParkThat’s a total of 15 Parks... Very green!

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Sell My Bike in the Borough of Brent!


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