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Sell My Bike in Preston

Where can I find a bike trader in Preston? Right here! WeBuyAnyBike might not be located in Preston, but we’re pretty close, and our drivers can collect your bike within just 48 hours (most cases within 24 hours). So, the next time you find yourself put off the idea of private selling, contact us on 0345 3403616.

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Are you a biker looking to make your next stop in Preston? Well, today is your lucky day! The nation’s favourite bike trader, We Buy Any Bike have got you covered. Today we are here to share some fun facts about Preston, along with some biker-friendly accommodation and cafes to help you on your way.

Biker-Friendly Cafes

The Chequered Flag

Situated in the centre of Leyland, The Chequered Flag is a little biker-friendly café that offers a selection of delicious delicacies. Treats range from pork pies to various hot dishes; soups, curry, sausage rolls, flavoured scotch eggs, you name it! However, I’m going to be claiming the chocolate sponge in mint custard when I get around to going! Don’t forget to make your way there on a Tuesday or Friday evening if you don’t want to miss bike night!

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The Destination

Have you heard of the famous bike accessory store Ghost Bikes?... Of course, you have! Well, this place is located inside. Over at The Destination, they serve some lovely plates like burgers, salads, sandwiches, and fish and chips. Either way, it looks lovely, and you have the temptation of shopping for gear after!

Saddle Inn

If you pass by The Saddle Inn, we’d definitely recommend stopping for a bite to eat! They have a full range of home-cooked meals on offer, and if you’re stopping overnight – they’ve got plenty of a selection behind the bar (I’m eying up their 25 different gins). Voted in the top 10% restaurants across the world by Tripadvisor, we’re definitely going to give this friendly pub a go!

Biker-Friendly Accommodation in Preston

Riverside Barn Guest House

Located in Ribchester, the Riverside Barn is nestled on the bank of the River Ribble, hence the name! This family-run guest house offers an exceptionally warm and comfortable stay whilst providing exquisite service that you would expect from a 5-star boutique hotel. You can stay at Riverside from as little as £100 with an added £5 fee for a breakfast hamper.

Birch Croft B&B

At the Birch Croft B&B you will be greeted by Susan who will offer you a warm welcome. Situated in Longton, this lovely B&B offers secure gated parking facilities. As well as this, you’ll get the option of plenty to watch when you settle down for the night, with ample choices on Sky TV, and then in the morning, there’ll be a delicious breakfast waiting for you!

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Royal Umpire Caravan Park

Just a short 30-minute ride from Preston centre, the Royal Umpire Caravan Park offers plenty of land for camping, for those who prefer a caravan/pod to a hotel! The site comes complete with convenient on-site parking.

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Bike Repairs in Preston

At one point in their life, every biker will probably experience their bike breaking on them when it comes to taking trips away. Well, if you just so happen to be in Preston, here are some repair and parts shops to help you on the road again!

Motorcycle Clubs

The best way to find the best biker-friendly places in Preston are to talk to Preston bikers themselves! Here are some clubs in and around the area.

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Fun Facts About Preston!

  • Rumour has it that Preston dates back to the Ancient Roman Times! Ironically, where ‘Roman Road’ now stands, used to be a road that led to Walton-De-Dale. There is believed to have been a roman camp there!
  • Behold Preston, the British King of the KFC! Head over to Fishergate and feast your eyes upon the historic building. We’re not sure what it was before that, but it was the first-ever KFC in the UK back in 1965!
  • Famous Speedway Racer, Joe Abbott (Iron Man) used to kick around at Farrington Park when it held races here in the late 1920’s to early 30’s.
  • Current Fact! – Don’t forget to swing by the British Commercial Vehicle Museum… that’s in Leyland!

Sell My Bike in Preston!

Have you got to the end of this page and are still looking to sell your bike? Look no further! Give us a call today on 01274 600 224. Our drivers travel around the UK 7 days a week, we offer competitive prices for bikes from all corners of the nation. So, see what we will offer for your bike… We Buy Any Bike pay the most and collect the quickest!



27 Aug 2020

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