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If you’re looking for the UK’s top bike trader… WeBuyAnyBike are here to help!

You and your motorcycle are in safe hands with us! We offer cash in hand and free collection. Once you’ve had your free online valuation, one of our friendly team members on the road will come and collect your bike at no extra cost!

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WeBuyAnyBike’s Motorcycle Sale Preparation Guide

So, the time has come. You’ve officially given in to the continuous back and forth doubts in your head. You’ve owned your bike for so long and you don’t really want to let it go, but you’ve got to trade up at some point; right?!

Whether you’re looking to sell a motorbike to a Bike Trader, or you’re selling your bike privately; either way, you need to get it in tip-top condition. Let’s face it; if you don’t get it prepped and dolled up, people are going to look elsewhere!

Your first point of call is possibly the one you’re going to find least exciting or the most; it depends on how attached you are!

Giving your bike a good run can point out any issues that you might not find when you’re in the garage. Here at WeBuyAnyBike, we recommend taking it to a quiet area; somewhere where you can really hear the engine roar or any dodgy knocking sounds that might occur.

You could also set up a voice recording memo on your phone and pop it in your pocket, or on your display panel if you have something to attach it to. Not only will this provide you with a recording, but this recording will probably sound a little bit different, giving you a clear indication of the sound of your bike; and a different point of view of what your ears might have to offer.

Next up, you’re going to need to give it a quick spruce up; just a quick wash to give yourself a blank canvas. This will present you with your bike in its true form, display any scratches or dents that were previously hidden in the crevices, covered in dust and grime.

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Don’t worry about getting your bike dirty; you’re going to clean it after, anyway!

The time has come to get your bike serviced…

Here’s a little checklist of things to do when your bike is going through a service!

❏ Check the Brake Fluid
❏ Replace Oil & Oil Filter
❏ Make sure electrics are all in working order – including the lights!
❏ Check the bodywork for any damage, dents or scratches.
❏ Check the paintwork – touch up if needed (advisable with the proper stuff)
❏ Make sure the mirrors have full clarity

Okay, so you’ve got the bike in top condition! You’re almost ready. Now that the complex stuff is out of the way, it is time to get excited, the money or the trade in is nearly at your doorstep! Your next point of call is to get your rubber gloves on again; it’s time to give your bike a nice clean, wax, and polish; all ready for its new owner!

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Get a quote from the UK’s No.1 Bike Trader!

Want to sell motorbike? All you need to do is enter your registration number on our website for a free quote, if you’re happy with the price, we will shortly be in touch to arrange payment and we’ll come and pick your bike up, wherever you are in England, Scotland or Wales.

We will buy your bike regardless of its age and condition, so why not try us today?! Considering eBay or Auto Trader? Save yourself the hassle and get a quick valuation for your motorcycle from us today! We’re trusted in the trade and we have a passion for bikes!

WeBuyAnyBike pay the most and collect the quickest!

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to somebody direct, feel free to call us on 01274 600 224 where our friendly sales team of experienced bikers are on hand to give you advice. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can email us at [email protected]

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