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In this day and age, the term ‘bike trader’ refers to lots of different things, all stemming around bikes, both with and without engines. You’re currently looking at the UK’s leading motorbike trader though, so today we’re going to be focusing on engines!

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Motorbikes have been around since the late 19th century – it took quite a bit of time before the popularity grew but when it did, bike traders came to fruition! They obviously stemmed from dealerships and such, we believe. Today, however, it isn’t just stand alone shops who class themselves as bike traders, as you can probably tell! We Buy Any Bike are here today to show you some ways of selling your bike…

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The Rise of Social Media

Not everyone is on Social Media, but if you are, you’ve got a whole audience of people who might want to buy your bike! Today, Facebook is the way to go. Stemmed from the mastermind of Mark Zuckerberg, according to statistics, Facebook has a following of over one billion people – that’s not a figure you see every day! Now, we’re sorry to tell you this but you’re not going to get THAT many people wanting to buy your bike, but chances are there’ll be a good chunk of your area who are active users on the Facebook Marketplace.

This nifty tool supplies you with a quick, easy and secure way of selling your bike. The only thing is – you don’t know who will turn up for a viewing! Facebook Marketplace is a popular place, but you might get the odd tyre kicker from around the corner – they might have a field day on your wheels.

Of course, there are alternative ways of selling something on social media. Instagram, Twitter, and all the rest are some other options, but they aren’t clued up as well as Facebook yet!

Getting Creative

If you’re from the UK – not only are you qualified to be one of our customers, but you’ll probably be familiar with the co-op. I’m using this as a reference today because I go to the co-op too much and that’s the vision I have in mind! Your local co-op, like mine, will probably have a little billboard for you to advertise on. I’ve used mine to search for my missing cat before, but I’ve also found some bikes for sale on there every now and again too!

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You could try this method if you like!

Whether it’s on a computer, or you’re a really good artist. Why not get creative and take this opportunity?!

In case you were wondering, unfortunately, the co-op doesn’t offer motorcycle insurance, but cover4insurance do!

Want to sell your bike… Join the Club!

In the UK, it’s hard to put a figure on the exact amount of biker clubs, but if you head on over to the British Motorcyclists Federation, they’ve got them all categorized in areas!

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We wouldn’t recommend joining one just to sell your bike, they might get a little bit suspicious if you do that. Joining a club is a great way to find biker friends/take part in events, and to go on routes where you’ve never been before. It also opens the door to other points of contact; people who aren’t in a club who might want to buy your bike!

Online Bike Trader

Before we start talking about ourselves, you may be aware of some famous sites like Auto Trader and Gumtree – although they are great sites, the audience is vast – especially Gumtree! These are buying and selling sites, so if you want to buy a bike – you’ll probably find something here.

In terms of us, We Buy Any Bike offers exceptional service for a quick sale of your motorcycle. We’re the UK’s leading bike trader – a team of bikers providing a friendly and professional service – we’re always at hand if you need any help!

Not only do we provide FREE valuations but we also offer FREE collection to England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We also collect bikes from the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. 99% of our bikes are collected within 24 hours after your first contact with us – some are even collected within 2 hours! Simply visit our home page to get your quick quote; call us on 01274 600 224, or head on over to your email and send some pictures to [email protected].

The Bikes We Buy

Here is a collection of just some of the bikes we have recently bought; visit our Facebook page for more!

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  1. So, where do you sell these bikes please? I am looking for a Harley Davidson XL48 Custom. 1200 cc min. Sportster.
    I can pay cash/bank trans.

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