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Bike Trader is a term that can mean a lot of things. It can sometimes refer to local independent dealerships, online selling platforms like Auto Trader, or someone like us; WeBuyAnyBike!

Our aim is to help people who are looking to sell their bike but are simply looking to raise some quick cash or sell their bike fast. We sometimes get approached by bikers who have struggled to sell their bike privately and are finding that their advertising fees just keep getting higher and higher!

How Can I Sell My Bike?

The internet is a wonderful thing. Since it first came about it has opened a whole new planet of ways to sell or buy things. Today, one of the most popular ways of selling privately is by visiting popular auction sites like Gumtree. Aside from that, since it was first opened in 2016. We’ve also seen a huge influx in Facebook Marketplace sales too.

What defines a bike trader?

The term bike trader can either be classified as a motorcycle trader or a pushbike trader. We only buy motorbikes. We do get inquiries for push bike quotes that we have to sadly decline.

The best route when choosing a bike trader is completely up to you. Each method has its pros and cons. If you are choosing to sell privately, you may get a bit more. However, the price you get completely depends on how much advertising fees you pay. Auto Trader, Gumtree and eBay all have their own independent listing fees.

Facebook doesn’t have any listing fees, but it is a very public platform. It can be a dangerous place to advertise your motorcycle, depending on your listing information. Remember, don’t put your full address on the listing. Always do your research on a person prior to their viewing.

When selling to a dealership, 9 times out of 10 you’ll probably have to take your bike to them for an independent inspection. We can’t say anything about the price they will quote as every trader is different.

How We Work

We will buy your bike without you having to pay any fees or visit anywhere at all. You may get a higher price from selling online, but with us we can guarantee an easy, hassle-free sale. After getting a valuation from us and accepting our offer we’ll collect your bike within 48 hours.

When your bike arrives back at our hub, it will be inspected by our team. We will then decide whether it will go to auction or to one of our many traders. WeBuyAnyBike have contacts with traders and dealerships across the country and beyond. When they purchase the bike, they will then price it accordingly.

If you are thinking I want to "sell my motorbike" then it all starts with a FREE valuation. Click below to get yours!




16 Feb 2022

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