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Sell Your First Bike Today

Have you recently thought about selling your first bike? Are you ready to take your motorcycle chapter to the next level? Then look no further than We Buy Any Bike!

Here at the UK’s leading bike trader, we love buying learner legal bikes, and we buy multiple a week! Our drivers offer their FREE collection of 125cc motorbikes 7 days a week from anywhere in the UK. So, the next time you’re wondering where to sell your bike, try out our valuation system first and see what we will offer.

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Selling your First Bike Privately

When choosing to sell your first bike on the private market, it can be a risky solution. Often websites like eBay and Auto Trader have advertising fees. Although it may seem like you can get more privately, sadly the end price is often taken up by the cost of advertising. So, you often don’t sell your bike for more that way.

In addition to this, motorcycles, especially 125cc’s are more prone to theft as opposed to bigger bikes. They’re lighter in weight and an easier target. If you find yourself struggling to sell your bike privately, the longer it’s on the website, the longer it is a target for thieves who might know that your bike is there!

Choosing We Buy Any Bike to Sell Your Learner Legal Motorcycle!

We Buy Any Bike offers a quick and easy way of selling your bike. Leaving you stress free and full of excitement for the road ahead. Whether that be a new and bigger bike, or anything else!

If you’re thinking about selling your first bike to us but you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips:

  • Start up the bike, have a little listen, note down any noises you might hear.
  • Go for a quick ride on a quiet road and do the same
  • We love honesty! Let us know of any technical errors, any marks or damage on the bodywork. This will allow us to get you a thorough valuation.

Sadly, some sellers forget to tell us about marks or technical discrepancies on their bike. They’re often disappointed when we come to collect the bike but find that we’re unable to offer the original quoted price. Our aim is always to get returning customers to maintain our trusted reputation. So, we can’t stress the importance of being honest with us!


Our company has the biggest fleet of vans than any other bike trader in the UK. This means, that we are famously known to pick up your bike in less than 48 hours! Scotland and Wales included – all from our hub in Bradford, West Yorkshire.



9 Oct 2020

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