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Sell My Motorbike for Cash

Where can I sell my motorbike for cash? Right here! WeBuyAnyBike is a fantastic service that offers you a great way to sell your bike. Our quick and simple system is really easy to use, and our friendly team of bikers are always on hand to ensure the process is as fast and easy as possible.

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Ways to Sell My Motorbike for Cash

There are many reasons why you might wish to sell your motorbike. We often get people who want to trade their wheels in for a new set, or maybe you just want the cash and the day will come again where you buy a new ride. Whatever the case may be, We Buy Any Bike here to help!

Since 1983, the internet has opened a whole new world for us in ways we could never imagine back in the day. With an age of over 35 years, companies like eBay, Amazon, and various social media sites have proven to open, grow and thrive over the years.

Sell My Motorbike on Auto Trader

We thought we would leave this one off the internet list because it actually dates back to a little while before the cyber world. Yes! You read that right; Auto Trader was actually founded in the physical world, back in 1977 when founder, and later chairman of Reading FC, John Madejski returned from a trip to the USA with a magazine in his hand that he would later pass on to future business partner, Paul Gibbons.

Following Madejski’s return, the pair sat down to plan a pathway to their future. During their first 6 years, they repeated their business procedure of obtaining information from local garages to submit to their publication and deliver these articles into 250,000 letterboxes within their area. This article was the Hurst Valley Trader.

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In 1983, the Guardian Media Group mirrored the idea.

Before doing anything with their pitch, they discovered the little company that Madejski and Gibbons had created, and so they teamed together to give them a helping hand. There is little information on the GMG, but what we do know is that the company was founded in 1907. Following over 100 years in the business, in 1991, GMG bought shares with The Walt Disney Company. We think it’s safe to say they were a pretty big company!

The next 5 years followed on with a lot of planning, and in 1988, the name of the publication was formally changed to Auto Trader. Nothing much went down for the next 8 years; in ’95 they opened their doors to Ireland, but that’s about it! 1996 is where it all changed. This was the year that came to fruition – 2 years before Google might we add! It all went up from here, so much so that the publications were axed in 2013 due to the fact that they were a waste of money to print!

Auto Trader offers a safe service for people who want to sell their vehicle privately. The website is simply a platform that offers a marketplace for traders and members of the public the freedom to buy and sell anything with wheels... even Aeroplanes!

Online Motorbike Trader

The online world offers services for everything these days. There are many ways in which you can sell your bike online; such as Auto Trader, but we’ve already talked about that one!

Selling things on social media has proven to be a popular approach for many. Since the opening of the first recognizable social media platform, Six Degrees opened in 1997 (- 2001), there has been a whole collection of new websites come, go, and stick over time.

To date, the most popular ones in the UK have proven to be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and we suppose Snapchat makes the cut, although it isn’t really relevant to motorbikes, so we’ll leave that one there!

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Upon reflection, Facebook is probably the best bet when it comes to Social Media Marketing as a platform for sales. Since the initial opening of Facebook Market Place just 3 years ago, space has offered us a platform for private selling unlike any other. Facebook offers a safe way for users to use their services, promoting their secure financial beliefs in that payment must be made in person following a viewing of their product.

Gumtree together with eBay has now both joined together to project themselves as 2 separate ‘shop windows’. The pair both offer a motor trade platform that allows an alternative source to sell motorbike. These sites are open to both traders and members of the public. They offer a safe and secure platform for advertising and selling your bike.

Sell my Motorbike for Cash with WeBuyAnyBike

If you want to sell your motorbike for cash to the UK’s leading motorbike trader... You’re certainly on the right website! WeBuyAnyBike offers a simple and easy service that allows you to value your bike, and you can do it in many ways!

Our most popular source is to simply enter your registration number on our website. Our system will then ask for the make and model of your bike, and a few more details, followed by a price for your bike!

Another really popular one is to visit us! We have a workshop with a great valuation station; a member of our team will always be on hand to help guide you on a price for your bike. Our workshop is based at the following address:

Unit 1, Hanworth Court, Hanworth Road, Low Moor, Bradford, BD12 0SG

Alternatively, you can call us! Our team of friendly bikers know the hassle of selling bikes, and we want to take the pressure away from us. We offer a service aiming to eliminate the hassle that comes with private selling. Call us today and speak to a member of our team on 0345 340 3616, or you can also send us an email, with a few images and added details of your bike to

We Buy SO MANY BIKES regardless of their age, mileage, or condition. With this in mind, why not try us out for yourself today... We Buy Any Bike pay the most and collect the quickest!



11 Sept 2018

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