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For many bikers, there comes a time in our lives where we open our garage doors and find ourselves gazing at our bikes wondering how much they’re worth. Maybe you’ve owned your bike for many years, maybe for just a few months. Whatever the case may be, if you’re struggling to find someone to buy your bike… we can help!


WeBuyAnyBike are a fully established motorcycle trader, offering the best solutions for people who are finding it difficult to sell motorbike. We know the stress and hassle that comes with private selling; as well as that, here are some other reasons people come to us after failing to sell independently:

  • Tyre Kickers
  • To Avoid Advertising Fees
  • They want to sell their bike fast!

I Want to Sell my Motorbike - How will I get the most for my bike?

The best way to get the true value for your motorcycle is to be completely honest with us. Has your bike got scratches? Let us know! Make sure to give your motorcycle a good polish before sending pictures off to WeBuyAnyBike - and remember, more is more; the more pictures from different angles; the better.

A lot of people try to sell motorbike through We Buy Any Bike and they often get because the price we give them just isn't what they expected. That's because our drivers go to collect their bike, only to find that the seller hasn't been completely transparent about the condition. We Buy Any Bike are proud to offer a quality service with honest prices given to bikers who want to sell their motorbike.

WeBuyAnyBike in the UK!

“I want to sell my motorbike, but I’m at the top of Scotland… will you still buy my bike?” Yes we will! We often get bikers calling us from all lengths of the UK, concerned that we may not be able to buy their bike. Over 10 years in business has blessed us with the chance to grow the biggest fleet of vans than any other bike trader across the nation. This allows us to have the bike out of your hands in less than 48 hours! In fact, most of our collections take place in just 24 hours! 


According to our statistics, here are the 10 most popular places in the UK with bikes:

Don’t forget to price match!

Although we’d love to buy your bike, we’re human too, and we know that it is really important to shop around before you settle for a service you love. To make it a little bit easier for you, here are some companies that you might want to choose to get a valuation on. 

Sell Motorbike Online Today!

If you’ve seen a bike you like; maybe you just need the space or the money. Find out how much your bike is worth today by visiting biketrader We Buy Any Bike; We pay the most and collect the quickest!



2 Feb 2021

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