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Sell My Motorcycle With WeBuyAnyBike

Are you searching for ways to sell a bike online? We Buy Any Bike can be of service! We make it easy for you to sell a motorbike. We're the UK's top bike trader giving the best prices for used motorcycles in the industry and great customer service.  Sell My Motorcycle with WeBuyAnyBike.

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We’re pretty good at looking at bikes if we do say so ourselves. We’ve evaluated many models from far and wide (across the UK), and we know what to look out for when doing so! Here are a few things you need to know about when trying to sell motorbike:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Engine size
  • Mileage
  • Once you know the above, we will do the rest of the work! We will give you a motorcycle valuation and collect your motorbike from your house, or place of work. Selling a motorcycle to WeBuyAnyBike means there are no risks involved and it’s all finalised extremely quickly.

    Bikes That Hold Their Original Value
    Over our many years in the trade, we have certainly recognised which bikes keep their value. You might not realise it, but that £20k you bought your bike all those years ago might end up right back in your pocket if you’re going to sell it! WeBuyAnyBike have bought a lot of bikes, and we’ve noticed that these bikes, in particular, are 3 of the most popular models that hold their original retail value...

    Yamaha R6 - webuyanybike - we buy any bike - sell motorbike - sell my bike

    Yamaha R6 - Image Source Feast your eyes upon this beauty; you might be fortunate enough to have one in your garage! And, if you do, you might get the resale value that you once had in your pocket, if you’re going to sell it! As well as the Team Yamaha Blue number you can see pictured, this model that hosts a 599cc engine also comes in Grey, White, and Silver!

    Harley Sportster XL1200 - sell motorbike - sell my motorbike - we buy any bike - webuyanybike

    Harley Sportsters XL1200 - Image Source Seen here, this beautiful cruiser can give you quite a nice lot of cash in your pocket if you’re to sell it! Homing a 1202cc engine, it’s ideal for a countryside run with friends, or alone, it’s up to you! We wouldn’t recommend putting the 556lbs beast on your weighing scales though, or picking it up; you might break something.

    kawasaki zx10r - webuyanybike - we buy any bike - sell my bike - sell motorbike

    Kawasaki ZX10R - Image source The classic Ninja is an absolute eye turner, and it might even put your original cash back in your pocket if you’re nice enough! If you’ve got one of these in your garage, you’ll know the feeling the 998cc engine has when it takes you racing around at a top speed of 186mph.

    The Key to Private Selling
    Sell motorbike privately can be a brilliant way to go if you’ve got a lot of patience and you’re willing to spend a lot of time, effort, and money into adverts and the whole experience in general.

    There are a lot of different platforms when it comes to the independent route; classified websites such as Auto Trader, and eBay Motors are probably the first point of call for everyone. Unfortunately for everyone selling, there is a lot of competition out there. All selling websites have bikes coming out of their ears, virtually, anyway!

    Auto Trader; the website was established in 1996, following the popular uprise of their article that we all knew and loved. Notice that last bit was in the past tense? That’s because back in 2013, the publications unfortunately slowly declined, causing the company to completely axe all future prints. Fortunately for the company, however, the website slowly became the fastest growing classified website dedicated to the resale of automotive products, and so, they didn’t really need the publications!

    eBay on the other hand, was initially introduced to the USA. In 1999, creator, Pierre Omidyar released access to the website to the rest of the world! One year later in the millennium, eBay Motors was created, offering the world a place to buy and sell vehicles online.

    Money, Money, Money!
    It’s always the topic of excitement and wonder. When you’re getting a lot of money for a product, it is significantly important to ensure the method of the money you’re taking is legitimate. There are a variety of different ways you can take money; here are some of the different processes and our views of them:
    Getting genuine material money can be a very trustworthy way of payment if you’re getting it from the right person. However, fraudulent activity is wiggling its way through the different paths of life, it can also be quite risky! If you’re getting a lot of cash for your motorcycle, we would recommend buying a counterfeit checker beforehand. These can help you select right from wrong when it comes to notes, giving you ease of mind, and potentially saving you a lot of money!
    In a way, cheques are another form of material money; they’re a bit of a dying breed though! With the internet taking over, people don’t really put pen to paper these days. Cheques can be a trustworthy method, but the only problem with them is, that you sometimes have to wait a few days, eagerly waiting to see if it’s a dodgy one, or not! Bouncing cheques regularly mean that the person hasn’t got enough money in their account, this is because both accounts have to have some sort of conversation with one another; and if they don’t get on, you haven’t got a deal!
    Bank Transfer
    Alas, we have the most recognisably reliable source! Sending money via bank transfer is a quick and easy way to go, this direct method will have money in your bank in seconds, allowing you to then focus on the boring bit; paperwork! The only issue with bank transfers, however, is that there are a few people without access to internet banking! Some people don’t connect well to the internet (no pun intended); and unfortunately, if you’ve got no access to the world-wide-web (or internet banking); then you’ve got no deal with this one either!

    Where can I sell a used motorcycle? Where can I sell my bike online? Who will give me the best price for my motorbike? Is there a motorbike trader that works nationwide? Where can I value my motorbike? Shall I sell a motorbike on Autotrader? Sell my Motorcycle with WeBuyAnyBike!

    sell my motorbike - value my motorbike - webuyanybike - we buy any bike - motorcycle trader

    I want to sell my motorcycle with WeBuyAnyBike! - That’s what we like to hear!
    If you’ve read out Trust Pilot reviews, we get where you’re coming from! We make it easy for you to sell motorbike online, so why not try us today!

    The UK's leading biketrader is always on the other end of the phone should you need any help with the process. Feel free to call us on 01274 600 224, or if you like, you could drop us an email at, where our friendly team of bikers will be in touch to give you a help in hand!



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