Test Ride: Honda MSX125 2016

Meet the Honda MSX125, or as the USA knows it the Grom. This little bike is a load of fun and has a huge cult following. Its a cut down streetfighter complete with sport-style tyres and a comprehensive digital dash. The MSX125 has modern styling with incorporated plastics and stacked LED headlight. Being a 125cc, the bike is available to A1 licence holders and it’s certainly been popular in this market.

Bike trader, We Buy Any Bike took the little devil out for a ride, here’s what we thought…

MSX125 2016

untitled Engine

This bike features an air-cooled 125cc engine; the power output is a claimed 7.2Kw at 7000rpm with a torque figure of 10.9Nm @ 5500rpm. It’s an easy, fun ride however it did sometimes struggle to accelerate, especially if you’re going uphill! The four-speed gearbox did at times leave you feeling like there should be another gear but it’s perfect for pottering around town and commuting.

untitled Handling

Handling is great on the MSX125, it feels as nibble and nifty as it looks. The clutch is light, gear changing is effortless. Something to mention is the bike felt disconnected at times and the forks did bottom out over some small bumps. The bike is ideal of nipping in and out of traffic, and it’s just ridiculously fun, you can’t help but have a little giggle while pulling off a nipply manoeuvre.

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untitled Seat height

Standing at 5’5 I felt like I towered over the little MSX125, which rarely happens to me! With a seat height of 765mm and 1200 wheelbase, this is almost a modern version of the 1960’s Monkey Bike. It’s ideal if you’re a novice rider, wanting the comfort of being flatfoot or an everyday commuter weaving between cars.

untitled Weight

As you probably guessed, it hardly weighs anything at just 104kg which is perfect for handling and manoeuvring on foot. Great for learning how to walk with a bike, or squeezing into tiny parking spaces.

untitled Quality

Honda offers a very good quality bike with the MSX125, from the lovely digital dash to the comfy seat. I can say without a doubt, riding this bike was massively fun. It just provides great entertainment and will ride more aggressively if you want it to. I would actually love to own one of these little beasts, riding it through town it was relaxed and nibble; I’d probably avoid the motorway though!

We Buy Any Bike Rating : 111114_star

MSX125 2016


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