Head for the Hills:  Different Essentials for Trail Riding

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The UK’s leading bike trader, WeBuyAnyBike would like to thank Jessica D for sharing this post with us! Dirt bikes, also known as off-road motorcycles are used for trail riding, and travelling on surfaces that are not smoothly paved. Riders drive them on rough pathways which are naturally created; for example, rivers, snow, mud paths etc.

The pros of dirt bikes are that they’re lightweight and easy, consisting suspension (linkages to wheels for maintaining relative motion) level which is durable for long periods of time. They also have an edge over “knobby” tires which use deep treads, allowing the vehicle to move over a rugged surface. Talking about the trial, it has a small engine to support the lightness of the vehicle.

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Determining the best dirt bikes depends on four essential factors:

  • Dominance
  • Longevity
  • Reliability
  • Importance


2008 Honda CRF450R has been chosen as the best-produced dirt bike. It’s been given 5 stars in dominance, as a long-lasting bike, most reliable, and is listed as an important bike in the 21st century.

Single track riding can grace us with the most thrilling adventurous experience of a lifetime. There are modifications made all the time to improve the dirt bike quality and specifications. For woods and trials on a single track, several products have been innovated to help the bike achieve best its results:


Spark Arrestor

It is suitable for the woods and important to keep riders safe from fires, which can be caused by carbon particles when bikes exhaust. Carbon particles are produced from inflammable materials which catch hold of flammable particles to catch fire. An add-on for single track ride can be an upgraded silencer which in-turn reduces decibel output. It has been the finest modification to a dirt bike.


Trial Tires

The features of trials tires can’t be ignored at any point of time. They adapt to different situations to give the best ride ever. These tires squash down on rocks and lay rubber where knobs slide. This is one place where they grab traction, but here you also feel the tires flex and wallow. They flex plain and simple.

Also, they’re way more consistent than even a sand tire in the soft stuff. They start out by spinning and keep spinning with a very consistent grab and never a harsh bite of traction.



Best suited for single tracks, it is most accurate to handle technical pathways- basically to test one’s skills in the woods. As the trials are filled with bushes and trees, it requires the biker to drive on zigzag rugged surfaces. Thus, hand-guards are comparatively cheaper to save hands and levers if one encounters a mishap.

Radiator Guards and Rear

Disk guards are two other tools included to save the radiator if any bush or lump of wood comes as an obstacle while one drives.


Flywheel Weight

The heavier the modified product, the fewer chances are there for the engine to suddenly stop.



It can be essentially crucial for trail riding, so finding the right sized sprockets (a wheel with teeth) is important. If you ride singletrack, a good ratio should be selected that can help to drag the bike down low, while still keeping a relatively high cruise speed.


Radiator Fan Kit

There are various accessories available to safeguard your bike. For instance, in cases when the bike’s engine heats up, a radiator fan kit can come in handy. It helps to cool the motorbike down as the kit comprises sensors that turn on the fan when the engine reaches its maximum temperature and acts as a coolant for it.

Thus, these are some of the mods which can be used by bikers in the woods and single track riding.

Racing at speed and trail riding in technical terrain aren’t opposites, but they don’t often mix. The bikes are given the very difficult task of being rough and gentle at the same time. They all succeed in different ways and fall short in others. Overall, it is stunning that they complete a nearly impossible task of working well in wildly different environments.


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