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Top 10 Motorcycle Hot Spots in Northern England

Today we thought we’d share our favourite biking hot spots in Northern England!

If you fancy going to meet some like-minded bikers this weekend, or simply at any time at all, don’t forget to put these Northern hot spots on your hit list!

1 – Squires


So, Squires was the first one that came to our heads, simply because it’s pretty local to us. You will find bikers at Squires pretty much 7 days a week, but the highlights are on a Wednesday when the bike nights bring in all the wheels!

Situated in Sherburn, on the way to Selby from Leeds, Squires has been welcoming bikers since 1954. Today it classes itself as a ‘Biker’s Café, with a Simple Menu’. The most popular dishes are the breakfasts which people tend to go for before a big ride out!

2 – Hollingworth Lake

black-headed-gull-4027720 1920-1-768x512

This one isn’t as busy as Squires, but it’s still a very popular one! Located over Littleborough way, Hollingworth Lake is a beautiful place for everyone. Popular with families, dog walkers, cyclists, and motorcyclists who you will often find parked by The Wine Press, particularly on a hot day.

3 – Oliver’s Mount


Oliver’s Mount is famous for one thing, and one thing only… racing! Despite 2020 being a complete ‘shambles’ for most of us, Oliver’s Mount has thankfully managed to thrive! This year, they hosted the ever so popular, Gold Cup – won by none other than Lee Johnston.

4 – Route 59 Café

bolton-abbey-89222 1920-768x512

Up North, we all know and love Bolton Abbey. Route 59 is the local biker hot spot of the area. You will find bikes there pretty much all the time, and you can see evidence of this on their Facebook Page!

5 – Destination Café @ Ghost Bikes

flag-1645262 1920-768x511

This is another café where you’re bound to find bikers all year round. That’s because this café is housed within a Motorcycle Accessories shop! One great thing about the Preston-based Destination Café (aside from the food) is that, in normal circumstances (pre-social distancing), they host racing on TV, which proves very popular with local bikers.

6 – The Gasket

motorcycle-1148963 1920-1024x681

This nifty little hut has been on my hit list for quite a while now. Located in Appley Bridge in Wigan, The Gasket is a very biker-friendly café with lots of delicious treats on offer. They’re fairly new and they’ve just had their car park re-done to be even more biker-friendly! So, don’t forget to stop here if you’re ever passing Wigan.

7 – Castle Café

Located on the sea front of Withernsea, Castle Café offer a warm welcome to everyone, especially bikers! They even have bike nights and charitable events promoted within the Withernsea biker community. They also have a huge selection of delicious dishes; butties, breakfasts, fish and chips, and everything in between.

8 – Elaines Tea Rooms

eclair-3366430 1920-1024x683

Elaine and her team enjoy welcoming all bikers to her team rooms over in Feizor, Lancaster. Here you will find lots of delicious cakes, and it’s also a great place to visit if you like dogs, because owners seem to be taking advantage of their new ice-cream menu! Feizor is a quiet little village, the tea rooms have parking facilities on the farm adjacent to the property, a perfect fit for groups who are having a ride-out!

9 – Devils Bridge

chapman-falls-1601620 960 720

Legend has it that this bridge claimed its name many years ago when a lady made a deal with the devil himself. He told her he would build a bridge in exchange for a soul. The lady threw some bread for a small dog to then retrieve. Nobody knows if the dog survived this, but what we do know is that the legend lived on!

Fancy watching a quick moto vlog before taking a trip there? Check out this one by JBL Motovlogs! Today you will find that Devil’s Bridge is a very popular hot spot for bikers in Northern England. Twinning with a similar one over in Wales, the bridge is visited year on, year out, especially on weekends when bikers have priority over parking! We do get lucky sometimes, don’t we? Either way, this is a great one for your hit list. I’ll be visiting here, but I think I might leave the dog at home!

10 – Coffee 500


Here we have another café that welcome bike nights! Obviously, things in 2020 have been a little ‘different’. Usually, the Italian-themed Coffee 500 hosts their ‘Bike Night’ on a Monday. This Widnes-based café isn’t too far from the Lake District too!

Enjoy these biking hot spots?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!



18 Sept 2020

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