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Top 10 UK Motorcycle Holidays 2021

I don’t know about you, but I think a lot of people in the UK this year are about to witness the beauty of what is right in front of them. The market for UK holidays is expected to rocket, and British seaside resorts are expected to see more tourism than ever. We can count ourselves lucky as bikers to be sticking to the roads!

Taking our bikes overseas is probably going to be made a little bit more difficult this summer. Hopefully, we’re going to be blessed with some pretty weather! We Buy Any Bike are focusing on some suggested holidays for you and your bike in the UK in 2021.

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Yorkshire Dales

We might as well kick it off locally! The We Buy Any Bike team are based in Bradford, so we’re pretty clued up on the best places to take your bike if you’re travelling in Yorkshire.

The most popular starting place for the Yorkshire Dales is Kirkby Lonsdale. Here you will find popular biker spot Devils Bridge, where you will probably also find loads of other bikes parked up! The Yorkshire Dales also consists of Buttertubs Pass, and Brimham Rocks. These two are just a couple of the most beautifully iconic natural formations to grace the Yorkshire Dales.

If you’re more of the planning type, as opposed to the spontaneous type, why not try this route?

Biker Café Stops in the Yorkshire Dales

  • Elaine’s Tea Rooms, LA2 8DF
  • Penny Garth Café, DL8 3RD
  • Route 59 Café, BD23 6AF
  • Squires Café Bar, LS25 3LX
  • The Marton Arms, LA6 3PB

Where to stay?

The Peak District

This place is good, but it ain’t as good as the Yorkshire Dales. I don’t know, maybe we’re biased. However, The Peak District has the famous Cat and Fiddle, Winnat Pass, and Snake Pass. We can’t compete with those.

Visiting the Peak District will provide you with the most spectacular views that the East Midlands have to offer. This area is well worth a place on your bucket list.

Biker stops in the Peak District

  • Woodside Café, DE4 2AJ
  • Blue John Café, S33 8WA
  • Matlock Bath Village
  • Outkast Company, DE4 3NS
  • The Manifold Inn, SK17 0EX
  • The Old Smithy Tearooms, DE45 1JH

Where to stay?


I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Cornwall, and I think it’s hard not to! Cornwall is equipped with some breathtaking views, and beautiful beaches; Whitsand Bay being one of them! Beaches are one thing that are a bit alien to us here in Bradford, so it’s always a nice treat when we have a ride out to the coast.

Cornwall itself features some iconic landmarks such as Lands End, St Mawes castle, and St Michael’s Mount. You can pay a visit to the ruins of Tintagel Castle too which is located on Bodmin Moor. Rumour has it that this is the place where the famous Merlin claimed the Excalibur sword. If you choose to visit Cornwall on your UK biking holiday, don’t forget to pay a visit to the beautiful St Ives.

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Biker Cafes in Cornwall

Where to stay?


Wales is by far one of my most favourite places to visit in the UK. I don’t know why, but there is something so warming about the scenery! When visiting Wales by motorcycle, taking on the Black Mountain Road is an absolute must. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not head on over to Snowdonia?! The roads around there are exceptional.

If you’re looking for a place to stop on your next trip to Wales, why not check out our bikers guide?!

Biker-Friendly stops in Wales

  • New Tredegar Arms, SA9 2XG
  • The Old Motorbike Café, CH7 4HR
  • Oasis Sandwich Bar, NP7 5HP
  • Honey Café, LD3 0LH
  • Raven Café SY13 2AF

Where to Stay in Wales

Trans European Trail

Why have I never heard of this?! If you’re into dirt bike riding, or you just fancy something a little bit different this year, this one’s for you. I mean, why stick to one area when this one covers pretty much the length of Britain! This 2,620 mile route surely ain’t for the faint hearted but it’s definitely one to put on your bucket list. The Trans European Trail covers the south and the full west coast of the UK, you can view the route in detail here.

Where to stay and where to stop?

Unfortunately, we’ll be here all day if we list ever biker friendly place in the UK. Our best recommendation is to check out The Biker Guide – they have some great recommendations.


Nearby Cornwall is the equally as lovely Somerset. Home to the famous Cheddar Gorge as well as the Exmoor National Park, it’s certainly not hard to see why Somerset is visited by bikers on a daily basis. Some of the most visited towns in Somerset are Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Glastonbury, and Bridgwater.

If you’re paying a visit to Somerset, make sure to check out our bikers guide for places to stay and things to see!

Biker-Friendly Cafes in Somerset

  • Windwistle Inn, TA20 4DQ
  • Withypool Tea Room, TA24 7QP
  • The Nightjar, BS22 8SX
  • Crown Inn, TA7 9HQ
  • The Albion Inn, TA7 9QT

Overnight Accommodation for Bikers

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Lake District

The lake district is a special one for me. This is a place that I used to visit a lot growing up. Although, at that age I never really admired the beautiful roads. For bikers, The Lake District has some exceptional roads; a real mix of twist, turns, and incredible straights. It also gives you the opportunity to stop off and soak in the view at iconic beauty spots like Hardknott pass and Wrynose Pass. These are some of the beautiful places featured on Motorcycle Tours.

Biker Stops in the Lake District

  • Filling Station Café, CA12 5PR
  • Orton Scar Café, CA10 3RQ
  • Fat Lamb Inn, CA17 4LL
  • The Beehive Inn, CA10 2BX
  • Hartside Café, CA9 3BW

Biker-Friendly Hotels in the Lake District

East Anglia

This hidden gem is in a very underrated part of the UK. Little is known about why it is such a ‘secret’, maybe it is masked by London… who knows! East Anglia is the driest part of the UK, just remember that when we’re undergoing our next national bath, so to speak. Check out this awesome ride in Norwich!

Best Stops for Bikers in East Anglia

  • Route 11, NR17 2PU
  • The Smoke House, NR29 3QG

Places to Stay for Bikers

North East 250

Step aside North Coast 500, you’ve been the main focus too many times lately (no offence). The Scottish North East 250 is often ghosted by its ‘big daddy’, the North Coast 500. If you fancy a scenic route around Scotland, but you’re not feeling the dedicated myriad miles, put this in your sat nav! The North East 250 is a perfect UK holiday route for bikers. It’s right at the top of Scotland, with some exceptional views that will simply take your breath away.

Recommended trips to research first:

Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland’s national treasure; the Wild Atlantic Way is an absolute dream for motorcyclists. Bordering the West Coast of Ireland right from the Northern to the Southern point. In total, the Wild Atlantic Way will take you on a 1600-mile journey.

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To make it even more fun, over the year’s adventurers have implemented a  15 ‘discovery’ points. Find out more here!

Are you looking for places to stay along the Wild Atlantic Way? We’ll be here all day if we listed those! However, the link above features some fantastic biker-friendly stops.

Where is your most favourite place to take your bike in the UK? Let us know in the comments!



21 May 2021

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