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Top 5 Best-Selling Bikes of All Time

What are the best-selling bikes of all time? For over 100 years, we’ve welcomed motorcycles onto our roads with open arms. In that time, there have been millions upon millions of bikes sold to lots of bikers over the world, from all walks of life. But, what really are the most common best-selling bikes of all time? We Buy Any Bike are here today to share the facts.


Honda CB750

Spoiler alert: Honda are pretty popular on this list. Although seizing production in 2003, the Honda CB750 was absolutely dominated roads across the world. The bike had been actively making new models for a good 24 years though. The Japanese were lucky enough to get their own model; produced in 2007.


Honda CB125 F

Probably todays most common learner legal ride? Not to be confused with the CBF125 which has frame-mounted fairings and known as ‘stunner’ in India. The CB125F boasts fork-mounted fairings and has only been in production since 2008, buy nevertheless, it has proved pretty popular with new riders, making it one of the best-selling bikes in history.


Triumph Bonneville T100

After taking stardom in The Great Escape, Triumph’s T100 Bonneville soon flew off the shelves. I mean, it’s a bike so it can’t’ve been too graceful, but it soon emptied the pockets of riders all over the world, almost as fast as when Rocky Robinson took the Ack Attack Steamliner out and broke a 376.363mph record. Today, the T100 Bonneville still has a lot of charm, and it is a real head-turner, even for non-motorcyclists who are just casually having a stroll, going about their day.

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Ducati 916

Although it was only in production for a short period, Ducati’s 916 has been one of the most successful sellers in the history of the motorcycle industry. The years it was in manufacture was from 1994 until just 4 years later in 1998. Behind this mastermind were designers Massimo Tamburini and Sergio Robbiano.

It is said that Tamburini later went on to replicate the 916 by making the MV Agusta F4, another popular bike. The 916 itself, however, was made famous as the winning bike for Carl Fogarty, when he claimed the no.1 spot on the podium 3 times at the Superbike World Championship.

Honda Super Cub

Since production started in 1958, Honda’s Super Cub has absolutely thrived in sales – and it’s still in production today! The Super Cub’s predecessor, the Honda Cub started its journey in 1952. Consisting of a bicycle with a clip-on engine, the idea didn’t last long though, and was only in production for 2 years. For the beginning of the Super-Cub’s life, the story sounds pretty similar, because it took 2 years to get going with errors and adjustments that had to be amended. They later managed to get back on track though, and in 2017, the Honda Super Cub sold it’s 100,000,000th bike.


I think it’s safe to day that if the late Soichiro Honda was alive today, we’d have to sit him down and give him a pat on the back for what his name has achieved over all these years! – I mean, 3 of the bikes with his name have succeeded in becoming the best-selling bikes in history!

Did you know…?

The Honda Super Sub is a popular form of ‘Motorcycle Taxi’ in Vietnam!

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12 Mar 2020

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