Top 8 Fastest Selling Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

It goes without saying that Harley-Davidson Motorcycles are some of the finest machines about, regardless of whether you are a fan or not. So, it doesn’t surprise We Buy Any Bike at all that they are also some of the best bikes to hold their value.

Today, we’ve decided to put our statistics together to show you the most popular Harley-Davidsons that we have bought over the years. This is also combined with popular articles online, just to get an overall average!


Let’s face it, if Arnold Schwarzenegger was a motorbike, he’d hands down be a V-Rod. We’re pretty sure Arnie wouldn’t dispute that statement; he’s known to be a big fan of Harleys! The V-Rods are also known as the VRSC, or ‘Muscle Bikes’ affectionately, because of their hench nature.

Prior to seizing manufacture in 2017, Harley teamed up with Porsche to produce engines for the V-Rod. Their liquid-cooled, overhead cam, 60-degree V-Twin engine is said to have originated from the VR1000. This was a racing bike that Harley produced back in the late eighties and early nineties.

Dyna Wide Glide

Following the drop of the ‘Glide’ family in the early 70’s, we didn’t see the introduction to the Wide Glide until around 1993. It still proves to be one of the best-selling Harley’s to date, boasting the familiar V-Twin engine. To this day, we haven’t seen that much alteration in the specs, which proves just how loved it is!

harley davidson road king motorbike motorcycle bike

Road King

We’re just sat here secretly wishing the Harley family would’ve named this one ‘King of the Road’, but you can’t have it all! However, we equally love Harley for building this bike with the mindset of how the brand started and what it stands for. Back in 1994 the Road King was first introduced to the world as an evolved version of the FL Series. To date, it is one of the most recognized and sought out touring bikes of all time.

harley davidson sportster we buy any bike webuyanybike


If we were to put this list in order, the Sportster would probably be one at the top. Since 1957, Harley-Davidson have continuously blessed us with various sub-models of the Sportster range. The collection was first introduced to us following the K model. Sportsters were and have been designed in support of its name, ‘sportster’, with sport in mind.

Various riders have proven and broken records on bikes in the form of drag racing, hill climbing, and land records too. Also, we can’t forget that Evel Knievel often used a sportster in his stunts!

Harley-Davidson’s Electra Glide

Harley’s Electra Glide is deprived from the FL series. We would’ve just categorized this section under that, but reading into our statistics, we can see that the Electra Glide is by far one of the fastest selling models. We were first introduced to the Electra Glide in 1965 back when the prominent feature was the Panhead engine. This later evolved to the Shovelhead engine a year later.

The Electra Glide was initially based on the earlier Duo Glide with the addition of an electric start. Another significant addition was the optional Batwing fairing in 1969, a feature that is now standard.

Fat Bob

Named after its stance, much like the V-Rod, the Fat Bob is another bike that is a quick seller. Since we’re on the topic, I suppose you could say the Fat Bob is the V-Rod’s baby brother! When the model first came production, it was introduced containing an air-cooled v2 four-stroke engine, which is quite a common feature amongst a lot of Harleys. Due to regulations Harley discontinued this model in 2017, but then revived it in 2018 with extensive upgrades.

Harley on the Streets!

At the back end of 2014, Harley begun their campaign to introduce the younger generation to two wheels. In doing this, they created a brand-new engine; the Revolution X. This was a liquid cooled 60° V-Twin engine, a much lighter but cooler move to the future for Harley. Today, We Buy Any Bike find ourselves buying various Harley Streets on a weekly basis, with the XG750 being the most popular.


Ok, or statistics mixed with external sources are a tough one on this one between the Sportster and the Softail. The Softail story all started back in the early Eighties when Missouri man, Bill Davis set out to modify his 1972 FX Super Glide. It is said that he wasn’t best pleased with the final results, but he was so happy with the way modified the bike, he brought it back to Harley to show it off!

The Softail features a 1340cc V2 Evolution Engine, and hidden rear shock absorbers on a big twin frame. The final result of the first model was the 1984 FXST. Today, there has been a huge selection of models that have been added to the Softail family.

*Softail featured on ‘Featured photo’

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15 thoughts on “Top 8 Fastest Selling Harley-Davidson Motorcycles”

  1. I have a 2009 soft tail bought it for my birthday and it’s the best investment I ever made including my 72 Honda 4,which I lost on my divorce but live and let live so I have had several Harleys this one is my last one and it wake every one up a head turner too my baby I call black widow

  2. Hi dear . I am planing to ride in Ireland . Also I am looking for the motorbike to ride there . My first thought was I will try on my Ducati 999s ( I am still thinking ) but maybe I won’t manage to survive . I would like to get your advice about the root to go , the camera (go pro ) and I can possibly also interested to buy motorbike like v rod , then I want to tune with thunder bike and then take it back to Ireland for long ride .

    1. I live in Colorado and own a Harley, but if you are riding in Ireland, you can go wrong renting a Triumph Speed Twin or Street Twin. First, Triumph is the classic brand for that part of the world. Second, they have the ABS and the Rain mode, which will come in handy.

  3. I have a 1971 fx super glide it’s black original paint and matching numbers I would like to know what it’s worth it’s in great shape

  4. I Bought a 2004 FXDX new and immediately upgraded the barrels, S/S g ear drive 585 cams, oil pump, oil cooler and ported big valve heads.I also use a 51mm carb. It weighs over 700lbs but with twin floating discs up front and one in the rear it stops as well as it goes. With 33,000 miles I be couldn’t be happier.

  5. In September of ‘15 I bought a new ‘16 Heritage. She’s teal and white with leather saddlebags and an all chrome engine and pipes. She beautiful, and looks straight out of 1956! So far I’ve ridden her to 40 states and Canada, and the love affair continues to this day. I see very few of the Heritage on the road, so I wasn’t surprised it didn’t make the top 8 list. Harley has made several changes to this bike in recent years, and as a result newer versions have lost some of that classic retro look, and that’s sad. Apparently the world is changing, and modern is leaving retro in the dust. I’m glad I got my true Heritage when I did, we’ll probably never see her likes again.

  6. Hi..
    I have 3 HD bikes..
    2007 Ultra
    2012 Fatboy Lo..(it’s for sale btw)
    and my favorite..a 2005 Sportster Roadster. Converted the XL1200R to an ADV as hell to ride. (For sale also)
    Once I sell the last 2 bikes, I’m looking at a Pan America.

  7. Never was much into the Harley bikes old appeal of Loud & Large (Loud pipes save Lives), so I purchased my Yamaha V-Max in ’85. Like strapping a 44 magnum, no one messed with me.

    I looked into seriously adding a 100th anniversary V-Rod in 2002, but it sadly didn’t happen. I pick up my 1st Harley this Friday in Wisconsin- A 2020 ELW. All electric Live Wire! Got it from a retired Harley exec with all three air box & sport fairing colors. 0-60 in 3.0. Should be a different kind of 2 wheel chill. I am excited!!

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