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Our Favourite Track Day Circuits in the UK

We all know that riding a motorcycle is a very fun experience, but sometimes the open road just doesn’t cut it. A lot of us thrive to ride somewhere with likeminded people; somewhere where you’re less likely to stumble across any obstructions. This ladies and gentlemen is where track day comes in! The team at WeBuyAnyBike just love a good track day; so, we’ve teamed together today to share with you our favourite places to go! track-day-motorbike-racing-bike-webuyanybike-we-buy-any-bike-bike-trader-biketrader This 84-year-old park is renowned for hosting the MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship. Most of the times, when events like this are not taking place; the track is open for all of us! Situated within the heart of Lincolnshire just south-west of Louth on the A153, the Cadwell Park Race Circuit was purchased in 1927 by Mansfield Wilkinson. The site was then maintained and established by Charles, Mansfield’s son who synonymously founded the Louth & District Motorcycle Club. Charles was in the perfect position to organize events for the club. When the track was 7 years old, he soon created the first staged race for the club... and it all took off from there! Today, the park welcomes all wheels to the car track that is 2.19 miles... we get an extra mile! The bike circuit is at a 2.20-mile stretch. Over the years, many famous faces have visited the track, such as Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agostini, and today’s champion, Peter Hickman who is hosting a Christmas event at the track this year! Fees: from £109.00 Location: Lincolnshire, LN11 9SEE


This Tarporley-based race track is primarily a car course but it also hosts bike track days every now and again. Situated in the Cheshire Countryside, Oulton Park offers a total of 3 circuits for all riders and drivers to explore. Listed below are the circuits and miles:
  • International Circuit – 2.69 miles
  • Island Circuit – 2.26 miles
  • Fosters Circuit – 1.66 miles
Once upon a time, Oulton Hall once resided on the grounds of Oulton Park, but the building later burnt down in 1926. Shortly during the Second World War, the remains of the building were destructed with an altercation of a bomb. Prior to this devastation, the grounds were also used as the premises of an Army Staging Camp. Fees: from £69.00 Location: Tarporley, CW6 9BW racer-track-day-uk-motorbike-motorcycle-bike-trader-we-buy-any-bike-webuyanybike


Situated on a former airfield, the Silverstone Park is a collection of 4, previously 5 circuit tracks. Listed below are the circuit names and distances:
  • New Grand Prix Circuit – 3.661 miles
  • Bridge Grand Prix Circuit – 3.194 miles (no longer available)
  • National Circuit – 1.640 miles
  • International Circuit – 1.851 miles
  • Stowe Circuit – 1.080 miles
Alike Oulton, Silverstone also primarily acts in support of car events. They have a few car track days per year, but they have a small handful more of bike track days. However, Silverstone is most famous for hosting Formula 1, along with various other car championship events, and the British MotoGP, since 2010. Located on the border between Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire, Silverstone has not only been an airfield, the grounds were once a WW2 RAF Bomber Station. The site was in operation until 1947, when Maurice Geoghan decided to have a race on the abandoned plot before the idea fabricated to make this opportunity available for other drivers. Fees: from £169 Location: Northamptonshire, NN12 8TN


The history of this park dates back to 1926 when cyclists and cross country participants used to race around the naturally-formed amphitheatre-like field. With the force and the volume of participants, tracks soon started to show, and so this is how the Brands Hatch Park was created. motorcycle-racer-brands-hatch-motorbike-track-day-uk-biker-webuyanybike-we-buy-any-bike-bike-trader-biketrader-motorbiketrader Over time, Brands Hatch has seen many famous racers on its tracks, such as Barry Sheene, and Shane Byrne. In 2012 the premises hosted the cycling tournaments for the Paralympics. The park itself contains 2 tracks; the Indy Circuit, stretching 1.208 miles, and the GP Circuit, stretching 2.433 miles. Fees: from £149.00 Location: Kent, DA3 8NG


The history of the grounds dates back to 1790 when the building-work for Donington Hall was complete. However, racing wasn’t even a passing thought for a further 141 years. 1931 saw the year of wheels in action. Former TT racer, Fred Craner saw the potential of a race track within the grounds of the premises, and with the grant permitted of the landowner and Alderman, John Giles Shields, construction began. A further 8 years gave the participants and owners a taste of the future for Donington. However, in 1939 World War 2 happened, and the grounds were used as a storage centre and refugee camp. military-bike-motorbike-motorcycle-biketrader-world-war-2-ii-webuyanybike-we-buy-any-bike Continuing the sport welcomed a further steady 69 years for Donington. 2008 was a bad year; the then owners had a strong idea to gain the rights to host the British GP, which had always been hosted at Silverstone. The next year and a half saw an episode of financial destruction until the grounds were bought again in 2010, Silverstone regained the rights, and the tracks were reconstructed once again to welcome all motorists.
Donington Race Course has 2 circuits; they are:
  • The National Circuit – 1.979 miles
  • The Grand Prix Circuit – 2.487 miles
To date, Donington is probably the most famous of them all. Throughout the years it has strongly held the title of being the prime hostess for the World Superbike Championship, as well as other events such as the popular Download Festival, which annually takes place in June. Although the grounds primarily fabricated from car racing, it is clear to see that bikes have grown to hold a huge name for the grounds. 2013 was the year in which the Norton Motorcycle Company bought Donington Hall, as their Headquarters Fees: from £99.00 Location: Castle Donington, DE74 2RP motorbike-motorcycle-bike-trader-biketrader-webuyanybike-we-buy-any-bike Track days are a great way to let your guards down, take on the roads and soak in the adrenaline. If you have any suggestions as to any other parks we haven’t discussed in this blog, please leave them in the comments section below. Furthermore, if you agree with us, feel free to tell us that too, along with any other interesting stories of your track days!


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31 Aug 2018

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