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Sell your motorbike on Gumtree?

Wanting to sell your motorbike on Gumtree? Why not get a free instant online valuation with We Buy Any Bike. If you sell your motorcycle to us you will avoid:

  • Advertising charges
  • Bouncing cheques and false payment details
  • Hagglers or time wasters
  • Test riders with no insurance
  • We Buy Any Bike are one of the top motorbike buyers in the UK. We’ll give you the best possible quote for your bike first time if you are happy with the price we will pick your vehicle up within 36 hours. We’ll give you cash for your motorcycle, or bank transfer, whichever you prefer!

    We Buy Any Bike have over 16 years experience, becoming UK’s top motorbike buyer and bike trader. We will make sure your experience dealing with us is pleasant, quick and easy.

    If you would like to know a bit more about Gumtree in general, keep on reading!

    Gumtree’s History

    Gumtree is a British online community website, it was founded in 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. What a lot of people don’t know is that the website was originally designed to connect people who had just moved to London, focused on New Zealanders, South Africans and Australians. It was meant to help them find employment, living quarters and generally meet people.

    Since 2000 Gumtree has slowly but surely taking over the market worldwide:

  • Sept 2004: Launched in Poland
  • May 2005: Launched in Germany
  • June 2005: Launched in Italy – coverage was now in 31 cities
  • Aug 2007: Launched in the USA, with targets set on New York, Boston and Chicago
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    In 2005 the company was acquired by eBay’s classifieds group. In a recent interview, the founders said they did not regret selling them company and have gone on to create the website called for Russia and Central Eastern Europe. When asked where the name ‘Gumtree’ came from, they replied saying they wanted a word. That had some sort of connection throughout Aus, NZ and South Africa, which they found in a plantation!

    Listing is mostly free on the website but there can be charges with certain items, the website lets people promote their adverts by ‘featuring’ them. The features are bought at different prices, depending on how much you pay ranks the spotlight your ad gets.

    The site was just for public use but has more recently opened its services up to businesses. Gumtree began offering packages to companies that were advertising a lot of job opportunities. In 2013 the company made bulk listings accessible to vehicle dealerships.

    The business can post adverts such as banners and homepage takeovers.

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    Gumtree’s largest category of classifieds adverts is ‘goods of sale’ with more than 2 million ads posted and 3.7 million users every month. However, the site always has around 200,000 vehicles listed across the UK at any one time. It’s also the second biggest job site in the UK and third for the property. Gumtree’s online presence has become massive, the fact Social Media is so predominant in this age has worked out perfectly for the company. Gumtree has over 38,000 followers on Twitter and 492,964 on Facebook.

    Many people use Gumtree to price check their motorbikes or cars, see how they are standing in the market. They can be listed on the website but as said before, listing on these sites can prove expensive if you want to reach the right audience. If you are thinking of selling your motorbike on Gumtree, why not first have a look on and receive an instant quote?

    Try We Buy Any Bike first!

    Where can I value my bike? Why not give motorbike trader, We Buy Any Bike a quick try… It takes seconds to find out how much money you can receive for your bike. We will offer you the best price, first time so you don’t need to worry about haggling. The bike could be gone and money in your bank within 2 days.

    We Buy Any Bike are the UK’s top motorcycle buyers and bike trader, we will make sure you are happy with the service, so you use us again next time!

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