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10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Motorcyclists in 2023

We’ve put together our 10 must have mobile apps for motorcyclists. Here you can learn about mobile apps that offer GPS navigation as well as ones that allow you to track and discover new routes and share your riding experiences. You’ll also find mobile apps that offer the more important things such as crash detection, location alerts, petrol/charging stations, weather/traffic updates and important maintenance for when your bike is off the road.


One of the most downloaded biker apps out there, Rever gives you access to thousands of pre-planned routes that users have been on and shared via the mobile app. Allowing you to discover new routes and how others have found them. Simply choose the style of ride you want, and Rever will do the rest. You can also track your ride to share with your friends and family or others in the Rever community. It also offers you weather alerts as well as tracking and SMS safety alerts.

Eat sleep ride (ESR)

Like Rever, ESR has a strong community that track and record their riding routes so that you can discover and explore them too. ESR also allows you to track rides as a group, but our favourite feature is CRASHLIGHT. This taps into the accelerometer to detect crashes and automatically notifies your loved ones of your location. The mobile app also includes challenges and leader boards that you can win prizes through.


Calimoto has over 3 million users and is one of the most popular mobile apps amongst the motorcycling community. This is an ‘all in one’ app that offers route recommendations, navigation, and tracking figures, but also gives you access to weather updates, petrol station locations and essential stops/sight seeing opportunities. This app is great for those long weekend rides, as it’ll prioritise the best riding routes over the quickest. So not best used on the morning commute.


Unlike Calimoto, Waze is great for weekday commutes as it prioritizes getting you to your destination in the shortest possible time, thanks to its real time data on traffic and road conditions. It also gives you access to petrol station and car parking locations.

My Ride

Developed by Yamaha, MyRide allows you to not only discover new routes but will also track your own. It’ll record all sorts of key information about your ride including time, lean angle, acceleration, average speed, top speed, elevation, and total distance. It’ll also let you know the weather forecast before you set off.

mobile apps for motorcyclists

The Best Biking Roads

Looking for a quick and easy way to discover the most popular motorcycling routes? Then Best Biking Roads is the mobile app for you. This offers pictures and reviews of over 10,000 riding routes from all over the world and allows you to find the best routes near you. Remember, if you are looking for a new motorcycle to enjoy these most popular routes, then we will buy your old one at WeBuyAnyBike.com


A must-have for any motorcyclist, you can get all the latest motorbike news, reviews, and advice straight to your phone with the official MCN mobile app.


PetrolPrices does what it says on the tin and allows you to quickly discover the nearest and cheapest nearest petrol stations to you.

Charge Map

Electric bikes are continuing to surge in popularity, which makes Charge Map a very important mobile app to the motorcycling community. This lets you find the nearest charging point for your bike and allows you to incorporate one into your route. If you are looking to make the switch to an electric bike, then we will buy your old one at WeBuyAnyBike.com

My Moto

For when your bike is not on the road, My Moto is perfect for tracking your motorcycle maintenance. It offers an easy way to record and view information about your bike, including its make, model, and important documents such as its MOT, Service History, HPI check, Tax, and Insurance. You can also receive important reminders on each of these as well as when it’s time for routine maintenance such as checking oil or tyres.

We really do think these mobile apps will enhance your riding experience, but why not upgrade to a new bike? You can get the wheels in motion by selling your old one to us at WeBuyAnyBike.com



18 May 2023

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