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Motorbike Theft

What To Do If Your Bike Has Been Stolen and How To Stop It

Stolen motorcycles are unfortunately a more common thing than we realise. Regardless of how experienced the perpetrator is, or whether or not you get your bike back, it is something that we all dread.

Studies show that there are around 40,000 motorcycles per year that are stolen in the UK. Now, although that may be a disciplined number in comparison to other neighbouring countries, it is still frightening. Now, what are you really supposed to do if your bike has been stolen? Also, how do you prevent it? BikeTrader, We Buy Any Bike are here today to look into just that!

1 – Leave no fingerprints and take nothing but pictures.

Do you know the kind of signs that you see around a public park; the ones that are often near wildlife/ponds? Well, the same applies to a crime scene, and that is exactly what you are dealing with! Unfortunately, it is very rare that DNA swabs get taken at theft crime scenes these days, but it DOES still happen! The only prints that the police will need are the culprits; so, keep your hands off!

2 – Report your stolen motorcycle to the police

After you’ve made a note of every possible time and detail that you see right in front of you, notify the police with lots of pictures to support (and remember; not your finger prints!). If you have CCTV installed; even better! What you can expect from this phone call is a crime reference number that will come in handy when providing your insurance company with an accurate description of the event.

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3 – Take a look around

Before you report your vehicle stolen, the best thing to do is search your local area. Having your bike stolen is a very disheartening situation. However, sometimes it’s down to kids who have absolutely no idea how to ride a bike and have nothing better to do with their lives than ruin someone else’s!

If a youth has stolen your motorcycle, they may not have got far with your bike. Someone might have spooked them along the way and you may find that your bike is hidden down a local alley way! The best thing to do is go for a wander, alert your friends and go on a bike hunt.

4 – Inform your insurance

If you have unfortunately not found your bike during step 3, the next crucial step is to inform your insurance. The reason we put this step here and not by step 2 is because when you report your bike stolen, chances are that your insurance premiums are going to sky rocket when you choose to insure again. Especially if your bike gets recovered!

5 – Let local garages know about your Stolen Motorcycle

Ok, so your bike has definitely gone. The next step is to inform as many motorcycle-related businesses as possible in your area. This is the point where you might wish to contact us too! Sadly, we sometimes get email notifications of bikes that have been stolen within the community, and we always aim to keep our eye out.


6 – Make your stolen bike go viral!

Choose to put your bike on social media, and plaster it in your local co-op… basically, tell everyone! We also recommend implementing a cash offer in exchange for the safe return of your pride and joy. You never know, the perpetrator may post as an unsuspecting citizen to claim the money!

Some other ways that you can make your bike familiar to other riders is by posting it on isitnicked.com and bikersunited.co.uk. These are websites where bikers well and truly look out for each other in these circumstances.

How Do I Stop My Bike Being Stolen

  1. Apply strict security measures to your bike. We have a few tips on this blog post here!
  2. Get a motorcycle storage box.
  3. Do you find that you’re no longer riding your bike? Why not get a FREE quote from bike trader, We Buy Any Bike?! This will prevent the pain of having a stolen bike!


16 Mar 2021

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