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Sell My Motorbike In Plymouth

Are you planning a ride out to Plymouth any time soon? We Buy Any Bike are here to help!

Plymouth is a great place to be a biker, just think about the scenery and the endless amount of fish and chip shops you can visit... Sounds like a dream to me! The nation’s favourite motorcycle buyer is here to share with you some clubs, routes, repair shops, and biker-friendly cafes & accommodation.

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Biker-Friendly Cafes & Hangouts

Steam Packet Inn

We’re not sure if they’re connected, but there used to be a Steam Packet Inn on Vauxhaull Street. You probably won’t remember it though, unless you’re over 119 years old! This pub ran from 1850 to 1900, the building was demolished in 1957. The one in Devonport though, is actually 200 years old, so it’s even older than the Vauxhaull Street one!

The current Steam Packet Inn run by locals Phil and Jean was formerly known as the Royal Steam Packet Inn. We’re assuming Price William moved on from this one as his local boozer so they dropped the Royal bit. The property is nautically decorated, complete with an open wood fire that burns wood straight from the sea! This traditional English pub doesn’t have anything fancy on the menu, but they will happily feed you sandwiches and a Sunday Roast.

Location: North Corner, PL1 4PE

The Morley

This lively establishment is a great place to visit, especially when you’re out on a ride and you fancy pulling over to fuel your belly. The food looks divine! I’ve not been here yet as it’s still quite new. New businessman Scott and his business-partner Chris recently took over The Morley; a Grade II-Listed building in 2018. The property was all redesigned by Scott’s wife Nikki who orientated the whole theme around Morocco.

When visiting The Morley, first of all you can expect ample parking because the adjacent car park is pretty big. You can also expect the odd live band every now and again, but also, with the huge River Plym out back, they occasionally host boat parties!

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Cap’n Jaspers

Established in 1978, Cap’n Jaspers is a proud piece of Plymouth History. Back in its hey-day, it was a little project by The Cap’n, John Dudley to raise money for local charity, The Barbican Regatta. Teaming with Secretary of the Sutton Harbour Company, Duncan Godefroy, the project reigned strong without a licence for the first 19 years.

Following the passing of The Cap’n in 2001, his daughter Georgie took over the family business that she had been involved with since the beginning. Today you can find bikers parked out front of the hut. It is a delicious place with food that is famous for miles! This is certainly one for your bucket list.


Jewell’s Guest House

Formerly known as Ashgrove House, Keith and his team enjoy offering a warm welcome to all their guests at their family-run hotel. According to an online review from 2011, this guest house offers exclusive parking to motorcyclists, but it might be worth calling to confirm prior to booking. For car users, there is a £5 per day charge for guests only (£8 non-guests).

When staying at the recently refurbished Jewell Guest House, you will be greeted in the morning by a delicious breakfast, complete in the winter with a roasting open fire.


Suggested Motorcycle Routes in Plymouth

Route #1 - Torquay - Dartmouth - Torcross - Kingsbridge - Modbury – Plymouth

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Route #2 - Plymouth - Callington - Lawhitton - Tavistock - Axton

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Plymouth City Motopark
plymouth city motocross-park
Image Source: Google Maps
Brixton Motocross Park
Brixton Motocross Park
Image Source: Google Maps


Sell My Bike in Plymouth

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