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Sell My Motorbike in Portsmouth

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Based at the very south-eastern point of England, Portsmouth is a lovely little town that dates back to Roman times. Back then we can’t imagine it has a very big population compared to its current figure which shows over 207,100 people live in this seaside town!

The place holds a lot of historic monuments and museums, such as the D-Day Museum, Southsea Castle, the Round Tower, and of course, the Royal Marines Museum. Evident of its location (and its name) Portsmouth is a Port town, this is very responsible for shaping its history, and the town played a big role in WWII. Due to the seaside areas, we strongly recommend wrapping up more than usual if you fancy a ride around the out-skirt areas.

Statistics show that there were in fact 5,148 motorbikes found on the major roads of Portsmouth in 2016.

Motorcycle & Motocross Clubs

Portsmouth Motorcycle Racing Club (PMCRC)
Based just 20 minutes out of Portsmouth, the PMCRC was first established in 1947 following the very first Isle of Man TT race. They often host events for the club, one particularly popular one is Mudfest! On the other hand, they also host award ceremonies for members, as well as charity events. One charity, in particular, is the IOW Air Ambulance, over the years the PMCRC have raised an incredible £25,300 for this charity.

Eagle Riders
This group of Harley lovers are a passionate group that meet up regularly. They regularly attend events and host them too! Altogether over the years, they have raised over an astounding £15,000 for various charities nationwide. They are a very open and social group, often meeting up with other biker groups from various places in the UK. They like to meet up every second Wednesday at 7 pm; their meeting place of choice is The Good Companion Club on Eastern Road.

Portsmouth Motocross Club (PMXC)
Established in 1973, this club holds a variety of people of all ages. With a current estimate of 400 members, the club was formerly called Portsmouth Schoolboy Scramble and now under its current name, they have a motto of ‘the Friendly Club’. Managed by a small committee, the club presents a selection of events, they have a list of up and coming track days and fundraisers on their website.

Biker Cafes & Pubs & Places to See

Portsmouth Truck Stop UK

Located by Farlington Services, this 1950’s American-diner inspired cafe holds many events. As their name suggests, they offer overnight parking facilities for truckers, but the interior of the cafe is very pleasing to the eye. The friendly staff provide excellent hospitality for guests. A very popular spot for bikers; one club in particular who like to meet here are the Pompey Bikers.

The Admiral Drake

This biker-friendly cafe is based on Kingston Crescent in Portsmouth. They hold band nights every weekend starting from Friday; the team at Admiral Drake offer a large selection of real ales as well as a fabulous menu that seems popular with the locals, and anyone else visiting!

Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum

We couldn’t publish this post without mentioning this museum! If you haven’t heard about it already, the museum holds a great big collection of bikes from all walks of life; they even have some dating back to 1898! The museum itself also has a tea room; this is why it’s in this category! The Bashley Manor Tea Rooms offer a delicious selection of homemade treats.

The Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum also has 3 gift shops along with FREE ample parking, perfect for their visitors who travel from all over the world!

Biker-Friendly Accommodation

The Brookfield Hotel

Situated 12 minutes north of Portsmouth in Emsworth, the Brookfield hotel offers luxury accommodation for passers-by. Upon your stay, you may be lucky enough to encounter one of their events, such as a Craft Fayre or a Wedding Showcase.

The Stag Hotel

Located a short distance away from the Beaulieu Motor Museum, the Stag Hotel in Lyndhurst offers free onsite parking and wifi.

Biking Routes


Fareham to Petersfield Loop
Starting in Fareham, this route takes you on a loop through West Meon, onto Petersfield, it then takes you through Waterlooville before returning back to Fareham. There are a few turns here and there but most of the route is pretty much straight. It would be advisable to take the route on a Sunday evening when it’s nice and quiet to embrace the main roads and have them all to yourself!


Hilsea (Portsmouth) - West Meon - Alton - Selbourne - Petersfield
This route takes you from Liss to Fareham before passing through Alton, that’s where the loop is! The guide brings you on some nice countryside roads, so it would be great to get out on your bike for this one on a bright summers day. Starting off in Liss, the route is quite pleasant, but it gets more exciting when you get on the loop through Alton, proceeding down through West Meon and down to Fareham. That part is just pretty much a straight A-Road giving you all the freedom in the world to take in the country sights.


Waterlooville - Winchester – Petersfield
Head west on Hulbert Road, Waterlooville and you will find yourself travelling this charming rural route. Carry on North-West and you will be taken to a quaint little village called Hambledon. If you then head north you will be taken to Winchester where you will approach the A31 roundabout and take the 3rd exit back onto the same road. Following the A31 will take you through Temple Valley where you will take the slip road onto the A272 you will then take this pleasant country road through to the A3, which you will follow back to Waterlooville.

Motocross Routes

Total MX

This website offers a large selection of adventurous Motocross Tracks in and around Portsmouth. The brief descriptions they have to offer prior to reading more offers great general information such as distances from Portsmouth itself and an overview of each track itself.

Repairs and Parts

If you're looking into going out of Portsmouth for your next trip; we also did a Bikers Guide to Hampshire too!

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