Sell My Bike In Newcastle

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We Buy Any Bike have put together a biker’s guide in Newcastle for you!..

Newcastle upon Tyne, more commonly known as just Newcastle, is a city in Tyne and Wear in the North East of England. It is the most populated city in North East and Tyneside, it was an important wool trader in the 14th century and later became a major coal miner.

In part Newcastle is still very much medieval in the building and layouts, particularly around the river side with many narrow alleys. Newcastle is a lovely place to visit for shopping, partying and biking!

There are some great events, hang outs and cafe for bikers in Newcastle!

Sell My Bike In Newcastle

Auto Cycle Union ACU

If you want to look up local events and rallies, a really good place to check out is ACU website. They claim to be UK’s number one organisation for all forms of Motorcycle Sport, and the only body affiliated to the FIM. They can let you know about upcoming moto fun, with over 550 clubs groups and clubs organisation over 3000 events each year. Check out their page for events in Newcastle and the surrounding areas!


  • Dragonslayer MCC

This is a great club near Newcastle, they are described as a community of friends having fun and riding! They hold a load of events and rallies, they post these and other local events on the North East Bike Rallies on Facebook page.

If you’d like to get involved, they hold club meets on Sunday at the Whitehills Pub at 7:30pm.

  • Sunderland District Motorcycle Club

This club was founded in 1975, formed by members of the Sunderland Arrows. This is a slightly smaller group with around 15 members, made up of the founders generations. They ride a range of bikes from touring to sports and custom builds, they are involved in many rallies and meets. Since 1998 they have hosted the ‘Out Yer Tree’ rally, which is known as a great place to meet bikers and have a couple of drinks.

The club meets every Wednesday from 9pm at the Cambridge Hotel if you would like to get involved!

  • Wetland Bikers

Wetland Bikers have a forum which has been going since 2007, this allows people to view all of their discussions, giving unlimited access to people wanting to know more about the group. You could then request to join the community by registration for free.

If you would like to know more about the group and meet them, they go to the Wildfowl Centre every Sunday and Wednesday at 5:30pm onwords.

Cafes and Hang outs

Camien Cafe

This is a family run business, with amazing home cooked food and beer. Bikers love swinging by the cafe for a great sandwich and coffee, or heading here later on for a drink in the beer garden. Dogs are welcome!

Salt & Pepper Cafe

Another great cafe venue is the Salt & Pepper, perfect morning stop for a good coffee and breakfast before starting the day. There are always a couple of bikes parked up outside for their morning feeding!

Suggested Motorcycle Route

Newcastle Upon Tyne – Haydon Bridge – Lake District

route In Newcastle

This is a beautiful route taking you through some nice scenery, Newcastle to the Lakes without using the A19. If you would like a slightly shorter ride, you can hop on or off this route at any point as the views are lovely pretty much the whole way around.

There are coffee and lunch stops all the way along these roads, all you need is a nice sunny day and this in the sat nav!

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