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The stunning capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh might not be the first option for a motorcycle journey. However, here at We Buy Any Bike, we beg to differ. A lot of our drivers have found themselves returning to the outer roads of Edinburgh on their bikes after picking bikes up from this fantastic city.

edinburgh motorbike motorcycle bike

The biggest city in Scotland is actually Glasgow by population, but Edinburgh comes in a steady second place with a population of around 542,000. Since our drivers love this place so much, we thought we would put together this biker guide to any of our fellow two-wheeled friends who are wishing to take their ride up to the Auld Reekie (a cute little nickname the Scots gave it).

Biker’s Cove

If you’re taking a trip to Edinburgh on your bike and you forget to stop by this gem, you’re doing something wrong.

Accommodation for Motorcyclists in Edinburgh

Welcome to Ted and Dot’s beautiful guest house. Here you will find a selection of 10 cosy bedrooms that are decorated to a comfortable taste. This 4-star rated property boasts off-street private parking, ideal for bikers who are looking for that extra security. This guest house is also conveniently equipped with free wifi, just in case you were looking for that too! Ted and Dot also offer a delicious complimentary breakfast buffet in the morning.

Over at Straven Guest House Chris and Sinead are the owners of this beautiful property located in Portobello. They believe in respecting the privacy of guests. So their B&B is operated with no staff, but we’re sure they’ll always be on hand if you need them. For cars, there is availability at the front of the property for parking. However, they make a kind exception for bikes, offering off-road secure parking for ease of mind.

Located just 30 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh is The Juniper Lea Inn. On their website, you can read about the journey of Carly and Graeme along with their two sons, from when they purchased the property up until now. On the Trip Advisor page, they have a collection of reviews, all complimenting the beautifully decorated rooms. The food looks absolutely delicious in the pictures too!

edinburgh motorbike motorcycle bike



Edinburgh Trike Tours

Do you fancy swapping your two wheels for three? Give these guys a call!

Fun Facts About Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh is rich in history; a large part of which stems from the popular Castle. We Buy Any Bike have put together some fun facts that you aren’t likely to find from your regular tour of the city.

edinburgh motorbike motorcycle bike
Nelson’s Monument
  1. Despite the centre being full of exceptional architecture, Edinburgh is classified as been the greenest city in the UK, with 112 parks to its name.
  2. Back in 1838, after war in Sri Lanka, the 78th Highlanders brought home a gift in the form of an Elephant. Said elephant was apparently partial to a drop of beer. There was also rumoured to be another elephant living on an upper floor apartment in Edinburgh at some point, too!
  3. If you pay a visit to Calton Hill you’re likely to see Nelsons Monument. Not a lot of people know this, but it was built in 1807 and 1816 to commemorate Admiral Nelson’s famous telescope.
  4. Edinburgh had its very own make of motorcycle back in the mid-1920’s. AJS Motorcycles, founded by AJ Robertson of Queen Street. Although, there weren’t many made. See more historic bikes on our recent post!
  5. Some familiar names in the motorcycle industry who were born in this very town are Road Racer Ian Simpson, and Speedway Racer Harry Maclean.

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  1. Morning can you thank your van driver on the Newcraighall road Edinburgh at 9.30 this morning. Had started to lose my front number plate and he took the time to try and flag it to me. Now sorted! ? Much appreciated.

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