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Sheffield is a really great place and has a lot of amazing biking cafes, hang out spots and riding routes! We Buy Any Bike Have put together a biker’s guide to Sheffield…

Sheffield is a great city in South Yorkshire, its population is estimated at 563,749 and its one of the eight largest regional UK cities which make up the Core Cities Group. Sheffield has a worldwide reputation for stainless steel production, as well as crucible and fuelling.

The city has undergone extensive redevelopment, the economy has experienced a growth averaging around 5% annually. It is located within the valleys of the River Don, 61% of Sheffield’s area is green space as a third of the city lie within the Peak District national park.

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Cafes and Hangouts

Glossop Cafeteria

This cafe is well known as a great biker hang out spot, they make some amazing food and there is plenty of indoor/outdoor seating. If you’d like to hang out with your bikes you can head to the benches just outside and hope for some sun!

Dove & Rainbow

All types of rockers head to this place for great gigs, games of pool and beer. There are a lot of tattoos and piercings dancing around this venue if you want a fun grungy time you need to get to one of these party nights.

Dearne Valley Diner

This diner is the perfect lunch stop, amazing food and it’s always packed. They offer inside and outside seating, bikes are always lined up outside this little venue and if you’re riding close to here you should definitely stop by for some lunch here.

Moto Demon Speed Shop / Cafe Moto

All you need to do is look at this link to see how popular this place is with bikers! As well as the little cafe, bike shop and massive car park full of bikes this venue also organises ride outs around Sheffield and Rotherham. A lot of people join in on these adventures so it’s worth messaging them on Facebook to see when and where to meet!

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Motorcycle Clubs

There are loads of motorcycle clubs in Sheffield the first couple that comes up is:

Barnsley Bikers

Okay, so this club isn’t strictly in Sheffield. However, its near is and there’s probably some members based in Sheffield so we’re featuring this club! If you’re a biker who regularly visits The Keel Inn, chances are you’ll notice some familiar faces if you attend one of their meetings each fortnight on a Wednesday. These guys love travelling around; they go on regular weekly runs. They also occasionally go further afield; they’re planning  a trip to Norway at the moment!

Independent Bikers

The Independent Bikers say they are not a ‘club’, just a group of bikers who wear the same patch and have a love of bikes. They welcome everyone and only have one rule, that everyone involved are friendly with each other. They invite everyone to come along to the evening hang out and the ride outs, get in touch if you fancy meeting up.

Suggested Motorcycle Route

This is a really nice route, taking you in or out of Sheffield and through the Peak District National Park. You can stop off at the Glossop Cafeteria for lunch and a coffee mentioned above. The views are outstanding and the roads are a lot of fun. People have said you don’t need to go fast on these roads to enjoy them.

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