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Sell My Motorcycle in Halifax

Are you looking for a bike trader in Halifax? Why not head on over the UK’s leading bike trader for a FREE valuation! We Buy Any Bike are based just 1 minute away from Shelf in Halifax, in a little village called Low Moor in Bradford! Our team will give you a FREE valuation and we can arrange FREE collection of your bike whilst you’re here too!


The town of Halifax is has grown over the years from the roots of its woollen manufacturer roots back in the 15th century. You can find evidence of this in iconic tourist spots! Such as the newly reconstructed Piece Hall, and Dean Clough Mill, built in the 1840s.

Halifax is a great place to be a biker, with the winding streets of Yorkshire on its doorstep; the roads are irresistible to ride on! As Halifax is our neighbouring town, we know lots of biker-friendly places that we often enjoy visiting, and we have teamed up today to share them with you!

Biker-Friendly Cafes & Hangouts

The Cross Keys

Situated in the small village of Siddal, The Cross Keys holds residence in a 17th-century building and is a historic monument for the village itself. Current owners, Hugh and the team offer a warm welcome to everyone who passes through their door. If you happen to pop into The Cross Keys, you will also be greeted by the resident pooch, Poppy! Rumour has it, they offer a delicious Pork Pie, along with a variety of Real Ales and much more! If you are passing by after a long ride, why not ask if there is a room available, have a nice chill by the log fire and listen to the live music that The Cross Keys has to offer.


This place is a cafe by day and a bar by night (from Thursday – Sunday)! Based in the thriving village of Sowerby Bridge, Gabriel’s is a great little cafe for calling in for a bite to eat. With it being only little, however, we only recommend popping in as a small group. If you’re planning a ride to Halifax with your club, this place might not be the best! Nevertheless, we do highly recommend the place and the delicious treats they have to offer.
Of course, as previously mentioned, this cafe now doubles as a bar! If you happen to be stopping over during the weekend, head on over to ‘The Garden at Gabriel’s’. They have a huge selection of alcoholic refreshments, and they are introducing a nibbles menu very soon! Gabriel’s is overlooking the marina of Sowerby Bridge and the view looks absolutely delightful.

The Old White Beare

Back in the day, and I mean very far back in the day... in 1533 to be exact, this local pub was first built! The purpose then was an Alehouse and Farmhouse, so it hasn’t lost its roots entirely, which sounds great to us! Since then award-winning Old White Beare has grown a great reputation for the fantastic service provided by the staff of the Norwood Green establishment. Pop into the premises for a delicious meal and a nice refreshment. If you’re staying for the long-run, you’ll be glad to know that they have a selection of whiskies and over 40 wines on offer! If you go on a Friday, you might even catch the live music, and don’t forget to have a gander at some of their art pieces on the walls... some of them are for sale from local artists! The food served here is all freshly cooked to perfection, with all ingredients sourced locally.

Accommodation for Bikers

The Robin Hood Inn

This one is a local icon within the biking community of West Yorkshire. Voted Pub of the Year in 2011, this lovely B&B offers great customer service and delicious cuisine. One little part of the dishes which is very famous around the area is their homemade chips! You can see all the previous customers praising their chips on their Trip Advisor page linked above!

The Rock Hotel

Located in the rolling green Yorkshire countryside village of Holywell Green, The Rock Hotel is an excellent hotel. It has a great big car park located at the rear of the property with plenty of places for bikes! This place is also a local for those who live in the area, and with great food on offer, it’s easy to see why. The 17th-century building welcomes you with open arms with the heated log fire, which must get some use in the winter!

Aaron’s Campsite

A lot of us love camping, and Yorkshire is a great place to embrace the countryside. Aaron’s campsite is the ideal location to do just that! Offering a traditional camping experience – just like you hear of back in the day. Located just beyond the outskirts of Hebden Bridge, in the little village of Cragg Vale, Aaron’s Campsite is situated in a perfect position to enjoy the fresh Yorkshire air... the views are great too!

The Bridge Rats MCC is a club based in Halifax. If you are from the town, you’ll know all too well about their annual Rat Pack Rally! This takes place every year in Hebden Bridge, they host a variety of fun things such as live music, food stalls, games, and overall... GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!

Motorcycle Routes in Halifax

Local Motorcycle Repair Shops

Fun Facts About The 'Fax!

  • Macintosh Confectionary products were founded here... That means this is the place where the nations favourite sweets were invented – such as, Rolo, Quality Street, Caramac, and Toffee Crisp.
  • Halifax is known to be the place of the early foundations of the guillotine. It is pretty early on, but in 1286, the Gibbet is rumoured to have been used on John of Dalton. Nobody knows who he was, really, but he must’ve been pretty well known!
  • Ever heard of Thrum Hall? This was a Rugby Stadium that once held Motorcycle Speedway Racing back in the 1920’s. However, it only lasted 2 years until it was moved up the road to Odsal Stadium in Bradford – the current home of the Bradford Bulls!

Sell My Motorbike in Halifax

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28 Sept 2018

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