All About The BikeBox24!

It goes without saying that we’re all always looking into new ways of securing our bikes. According to statistics, motorcycles amounting to the value of around £3 million are stolen every month – Just in the UK alone! Most motorcycle prevention methods are tackled using an immobiliser. In this day and age, we can’t help … Continue reading “All About The BikeBox24!”

Most Stolen Motorcycles 2016

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of going outside to get on your bike, and it just not being there. Once again we’re sharing the findings recorded by our market-leading. TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery devices. This time highlighting the UK’s most stolen and recovered motorcycles in 2016. Our friends at TRACKER have shared some great information … Continue reading “Most Stolen Motorcycles 2016”

Tips to stop your motorcycle being stolen

What can be worse than going outside to get on your bike, and it not being there? Your pride and joy, gone. Unfortunately, there is no alarm that can’t be defeated or garage that can’t be broken into. What can you do?.. make your bike the hardest to steal. Thieves don’t want to put time … Continue reading “Tips to stop your motorcycle being stolen”

My motorbike was stolen, twice!

Unfortunately, I have firsthand experience of a motorbike being stolen.  Nothing really compares to the feeling of going outside to hop on your bike, and it not being there. The gut-wrenching response as you stand there, in silence, realising its gone. Then there is the frantic search for it. While you try and convince yourself … Continue reading “My motorbike was stolen, twice!”

Stolen Motorcycles – Stolen Motorcycles

For a good while now I’ve had my personal Twitter feed drenched in tweets about stolen motorcycles or motorcycle equipment. What is going on? What can we do to stop these motorcycles being stolen? Why are they being stolen? Firstly Why are they being stolen? I couldn’t tell you for certain but quite clearly we … Continue reading “Stolen Motorcycles – Stolen Motorcycles”