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Electric Motorbikes and Racing - Are Electric Motorbikes The Future of Racing

Electric Motorbikes - When it comes to noise, you just have to look at the Mallory Park saga. Although the whole thing was blown way out of proportion and fans were worried it was the end of the circuit. Noise is a very big factor in our sport. Motorsport.

You could argue all day about it. But everything about the sport could be argued, just like in football.


With noise limits put in place for every championship and some not sticking to those rules are we shooting ourselves in the foot with the noise situation? If those riders are doing it to gain an unfair advantage, surely a win, under those circumstances, is worthless.

Testing has also been hit by the noise limits too. Making testing a lot more expensive than it once was.


A modern race bike has no shortage of room to fit a larger silencer. Something that would keep the noise level down even more than it already is. Something that would keep the residents happy, but perhaps not so much the fans? The paying fans.

Speed – Danger

The electric motorbikes aren't as quick as a race bike. A Honda CBR 1000 for example. But is this a good thing? Are modern race bikes too fast?

The electric MotoCzysz E1pc was ridden at the TT last year by Michael Rutter, who clocked a fast 104 miles an hour. But compare this too a modern race bike and a massive 131 miles an hour was clocked by John McGuinness on board his Padgetts Honda CBR 1000 in 2009 while riding in the Senior TT race. Are these speeds too dangerous?

With only a set of leathers and a few pieces of protective gear to keep them safe (as can be) the riders compete at seriously high speeds. Speeds that can/could instantly kill them. But ask a rider why they do it, they will most probably say “for the buzz”, or something along those lines.

The future of two wheeled racing?

As we all know the electric motorbikes aren't motorsport enthusiasts' favourite form but are they the future of the two wheeled sport?

However with the electric bikes not being a favourite for the fans. The issue with the noise surely gives one point to the electric bikes.

The fact they are now a part of the TT races shows how they are creeping into the sport. Could they be at a race track soon?



16 May 2013

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