GUEST BLOG: Kevlar Jeans – What you need to know before buying

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Thanks to LD Motorcycles for sharing this excellent blog with WeBuyAnyBike. If you would like to know more about Kevlar then you’ve struck gold with this article!

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Kevlar®, the word on most bikers lips for 2018 if you’re considering some new gear for the season. Nearly every bit of motorbike clothing is available in a Kevlar® version now from Jeans down to button up shirts like these…

But there’s a lot that most bikers don’t know about this alternative material to textile or leather and quite a few myths that should be cleared up before you buy your new gear this year.

What is Kevlar®?

When most people hear the word kevlar® they start thinking of bulletproof vests so let’s clear it up first, no pair of Kevlar® motorbike jeans is going to stop a bullet! But it can stop more realistic things like road rash thanks to being one of the best materials in the world for abrasion resistance (it doesn’t wear down or cut easily.)

When you see the word Kevlar® before a pair of biker jeans it means the liner used inside is a type of Aramid material produced by DuPont the world leaders in the material, however there are other similar and equally tough materials that can’t be named Kevlar® due to trademarks and often get called Aramid. Aramid is just a name for the collection of materials that have similar properties, with Kevlar® being one of these.

You’ll notice that the more expensive casual motorcycle gear is Kevlar® lined and the cheaper ranges are named Aramid lined.

Although Kevlar® is slightly tougher than Aramid, at we provide both types as the differences are minimal and for low-mid speed town riding which is where we use jeans and hoodies, it would be hard to notice the difference if you did have a slide.

Aramid linings are not an armour or padding! You might think that’s obvious but there are some motorbike jeans and jackets that are sold as motorcycle clothing just because of a lining without any extra armour, so you can see how that confuses some people.

Aramid materials are purely used for hard wearing applications like inside a motorbike hoodie where you want something to stop the tarmac reaching your skin if you crash. They’re generally pretty thin so won’t provide any impact protection.

Kevlar / Aramid Motorcycle Jeans

Looking for some lightweight jeans to wear this summer, here’s how to pick the right pair…


Now that you know the lining materials in motorbike jeans. We need to point out that not all jeans are built equally. Some jeans are fully lined and some only included linings on the main at-risk areas. Around the knees, hips and buttocks.

That’s something you should consider when buying biker jeans. No doubt your first thought is to dive at the fully lined pair. But that full lining does mean extra weight.

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Fully lined isn’t necessarily the safest option just because of extra coverage. Some of the top brands in the market like Draggin Jeans do extensive research into safety. They choose to use part linings in nearly all of their jeans.


Just like most motorcycle clothing, it’s all about the fit. The right fit isn’t just how it feels when you’re crouched on the bike. It can make all the difference in a slide.

Motorcycle jeans will feel tight at first. We always recommend you stick with your normal jean size no matter how tight they feel. They’re tighter because of the tougher denim used plus the Aramid or Kevlar® lining but that’s important because if you take a slide then the jeans must be secure to stay on your waist and not slide down revealing your skin.

Also, remember you need to be able to bend your knees and hips comfortably when you ride. So you may need to try out different cuts to fit your body shape.


We mentioned this before but not all motorcycle jeans include armour so always look out for that when shopping. All of our range of jeans at come with CE certified knee armour inserts as standard. You should expect that anywhere else you decide to shop. However, you will usually find that hip armour is generally sold separately.

Inside all good biker jeans are securely stitched pockets allowing you to slide in your armour panels. With the option to close it up with velcro to stop it moving while you ride or slide. But not all jeans have hip armour pockets stitched in.

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What should you expect to pay for motorcycle jeans? That’s a tough question but we do have some guidelines to follow:

  • Don’t spend anything less than £80-90 – There’re a lot of super cheap jeans out there and as designers of our own Kevlar® clothing we find it hard to see how manufacturers can ensure quality at those prices.
  • Expect to spend as much as a good pair of textile trousers. Don’t think that because of fewer zips and pockets you can shrink your budget.
  • Top end brands like Draggin Jeans run up to £269.99 and average around £200 a pair. While entry level but well-respected brands like ARMR Moto have a great range priced at an affordable £99.99.

Shopping for Kevlar Jeans

Hopefully, our guide above has cleared up some myths you’ve heard in the past about motorbike jeans. So you can make the right decision when you order your new riding gear. Just remember Kevlar® & Aramid jeans aren’t bulletproof so don’t do anything stupid!

Amongst a huge range of helmets, clothing and accessories you can find a great selection of Kevlar Jeans to suit any style and budget on our website with Free UK Delivery, Price Matching, and interest-free credit.

Most popular…

ARMR Moto Ace Aramid Jeans -Black: £99.99

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Draggin Twista Kevlar Jeans – Indigo Blue: £219.99

The team here at bike trader, We Buy Any Bike would like to say a big thank you to LD Motorcycles for sharing this wonderful post with us today!

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