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Some people like to ride along in their own thoughts, just listening to the bike and nothing else. However in this age of technology more and more people want to stay connected, chatting with other riders on the road, calling friends or even listening to some tunes.

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There is a divide in people who either want to stay connected or prefer being off the grid. Some people go riding for the very reason that they are not contactable, it’s the time you can feel free from the usual restraints of life. Being attached to a mobile and so readily available does not appeal to everyone, so riding is their escape.

On the other hand, you have the people who want the option of being able to call home or talk to the rider next to them. To those bikers.. praise the Bluetooth.

Bluetooth communication devices can truly transform your riding experience, and for those who are looking for it, make riding more enjoyable. There are riders that consider communications devices distracting and dangerous, but if used correctly they are a great tool.

For those that aren’t quite sure if these systems are for them, we have created a few pros for you to look through:

Get lost? A massive bonus for some riders is the fact you can stream your SatNav straight to your helmet, so you have the option to receive directions as you ride along.

You can call people as you ride, so whether you are ambling along a country road or blasting down a motorway you can have a clear conversation with anyone you fancy calling.

Talking to your pillion is great fun, discussing the views and people watching. You also don’t need to deal with being poked in the ribs anymore, as they can simply say you’re going too fast..

A personal favourite, is listening to music. It’s pretty rare I have a second without music playing in the background, whether I’m walking somewhere, pottering around in the house, driving.. and now riding. Ideal.

If you ride as a group, a massive bonus is being able to chat to your pals as you ride. No more sign language needed or trying to catch someone’s attention while screaming in your helmet ‘you’ve missed the turning!’

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Food for thought

If you are now considering a device and are about to begin your search, first know and understand what you need from the equipment. Read about the different features that come with each device and see which fits your way of life best.

  1. Range

An extremely important point to consider is the range on a device. You don’t have to spend a lot to get good coverage these days. So check this out as the first point of call.

  1. Voice Activation

This is personal preference. I like being able to keep both hands on the bars so voice prompts work well.

  1. GPS

GPS is a must for me, so if you have the same sense of direction. Make sure to can access this function with ease.

  1. Multiple Connections

If this is something you are interested in. Check the device you’re looking at is able to do it, as this feature isn’t a given. Being able to network with a large group is amazing. But all systems have limits so make sure your device is compatible with your friends before purchasing.

  1. Music Sharing

Pretty much all systems allow you to access your music these days. A great added extra if you ride with a group is music sharing. Meaning you can share your music with buddies while on the road, which some people might like the sound of!

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If you’re now convinced, then let the search begin! There are loads of great articles to help you find the ideal device. Here are just a couple to get you started:

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We hope you found this article useful, and as always if you have anything to add please comment below!



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