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Top 10 Helmet Cameras for Motorcyclists in 2021

A few years ago, we posted a guide on getting the buying motorcycle cameras. Today, we’re focusing on our favourite helmet cameras in 2021! As always, if you recommend another that simply hasn’t made it on our list, please comment your suggestions below!

Crosstour CT9000 4K Action Camera - £40 - £60

On the more affordable line is an Amazon best seller under ‘camcorders’; the Crosstour Action Camera. For the price, this is an incredible camera. Some features include 30m underwater durability, built-in Wi-Fi and wireless camera connect. Unfortunately, this 4k 16mp camera isn’t installed with image stabilization. However, it definitely makes up for the price, once again, along with the 3-hour battery power when combining the 2 inclusive batteries.

Apeman A80 – from £50

The Apeman is also a very affordable option when it comes to action cameras. This 4k 20mp camera comes complete with micro SD slot withholds up to 128GB. Some other features include 30m waterproofing, Wi-Fi Smartphone Control, as well as an Anti-Shake mode. This camera, however, only allows a 90-minute recording capability.

We love Visor Down, and they’ve reviewed this camera! Check it out here.

Akaso EK7000 - £52.99

Here we have another camera that comes equipped with 2 batteries. Unfortunately, the Akaso comes on a par with Apeman’s battery life… it only stays on for 10 minutes longer. Sadly, in comparison to other cheaper models, the waterproof qualities only come into force when equipped with the additional waterproof case. Although it may be an inconvenience, you can pick one up for yourself for as little as just short of a tenner.

If you head on over to ‘Tom’s Guide’, he’s done a comparison of a still image with and without the case. In our opinion, the case actually adds a better image quality! Other than that, this camera records in 4k and has a splash-proof remote that you can wear on your wrist. Overall, pretty good for the price.

Young Choppers have done a great feature on this camera, you can read it here.

Drift Ghost XL - £149.99

Out of all the cameras on this list, this one is unofficially known as the ‘OG’ for bikers. It was first released back in 2009 and since then has become known for its supply at British Superbikes. In fact, when you simply type ‘Drift Ghost XL’ into your search engine, the first things that come up are all motorbike related websites. I think that just says it all!

Some features that this 1080p camera has are the ability to instantly record when turning the device on. It also allows the user to control the camera via the Drift app. An incredible feature that it includes is the 9-hour batter time! Oh, and it is also IPX7 waterproofed too.

Superbike News have done a great review.


DJI Osmo Action - £220

The Chinese Technology Company, DJI are famously known for their drones; familiarized as the Mavic range. In May 2019 they released the ultimate rival to the Go Pro… the Osmo Action. This was the first of its kind to feature a front facing screen; then in September of the following year Go Pro advanced to the 9.

Here are some other handy features that this camera has:

  • Rock Steady – advanced stabilization
  • 4K HDR Video
  • Waterproof up to 11m
  • Voice Control
  • A temperature resistance of up to -10°

MCN are known for their bike reviews, but they’ve also featured this camera too!

Sena 10c EVO - £298

Here we have a very convenient device for bikers. The Sena 10c is primarily a Bluetooth communication device that will allow you to talk to up to 4 other bikers within a 1-mile radius. Alongside this, you guessed it, it’s equipped with a camera too!

This camera provides the rider with the ability to record in 4k at 30fps. It has a Smart Audio Mix embedded which allows you to narrate your ride. Now, this device has been tested by other riders who claim it to be waterproof but this has not been documented by the manufacturer. So, as long as you don’t plan on turning your bike into a submarine we think you’ll be ok! The Sena 10c can hold up to 128GB of storage on a microSD.

Go Pro 9/8 - £330(9)/£230(8)

Well, I honestly wasn’t quite sure whether to list the 8 or the 9 for this one. Go Pro’s new baby, the 9 is an exceptional camera, but unfortunately, it’s way ahead of its years. This wouldn’t be a bad thing but it kind of is because most computers would struggle to play any footage let alone edit it! When using this camera, you can get a resolution of up to 5K and can have an fps from 120 to 240. It also features a larger battery life; 30% bigger than the GP8 lasting 1.5 hours when fully charged.

One feature that stands out on the Go Pro 9 is the front-facing screen. This is ideal for adventure vloggers. However, if you’re not necessarily looking to start a vlogging channel, then we recommend its predecessor, the Go Pro 8. It has many of the same features including exceptional quality and a 10m waterproof capability.

Have you ever wanted to know what these two would look like on a race track? Find out on Mono Moto’s YouTube channel!

Go Pro Max £379.98 - £529.98

Attention current Go Pro owners… this one works with all your accessories! Low and behold, this is the biggest competitor of the Insta360. In a nutshell, the Go Pro Max is capable of shooting 360°; this is achieved by its pair of 180° lenses. If you want to pull over somewhere and take some photos, this camera gives you the advantage of 270° 6.2 megapixels ‘Power Pano’. Or, alternatively, taking a standard video will provide you with a 4k quality image, whereas the spherical camera can reach up to 6k. Believe me, I didn’t know that was a thing either! Oh, and you can also live stream in 1080p.

So, I’ve decided to include a bit of an extreme sport that tests the camera for this one; Snowboarding. Now, I can’t say I’ve ever been snowboarding so I’m not sure on the speed, but they look like they go fast, and in cold weather too! Take a look at the review from Snow Action Australia here.

Insta360 ONE X2 - £429.95

This handy little thing looks super cool. It features a 4k video camera, and 5.7k image capture. Along with this it also comes equipped with a stabilizer, and it is also waterproof up to 10m. You can grab one of these beauties from around £350 online, but the official retail price is £429.95. One fantastic feature that is really making me consider buying it is the invisible selfie stick. This collapsible stick can fit in your pocket so when you reach your destination, you can take your camera with you!

Another great element of this camera is the circular monitor just below the front-facing camera. This is a great benefit for those vloggers! It also has an AI Editing setting which is convenient – although, we obviously haven’t had the chance to test that one out! However, motovlogger Jake Munro has made this video briefly talking us through just how he uses it.

Ricoh Theta

So, for this one, I’m going to strategically position a picture before I announce the price and get it out of the way. Take a deep breath… are you ready?


The ‘flagship’ model, the Z1 retails for £899. Don’t worry though, they don’t just have one. I’m not even going to refer to the cheaper one as the baby sister, or even the daughter. The granddaughter of the Z1 is the SC2 and this retails for a much more comforting price of £269. With that being said, the Z1 looks pretty impressive.

Here are some of the Z1 features:

  • A 7k 23mp still image
  • ‘Superior’ Noise Reduction
  • Variety of Shooting Modes
  • 4k Spherical Video
  • 4k Live Video
  • The ability to save RAW files
  • 4 Channel Microphone
  • Waterproof Case – up to 30m (with both models)

…and here are some specs of the SC2:

  • 4 Different colours to choose from
  • 4k Video
  • Different modes
  • Wireless Transfer (both)
  • Shoot in 1.5 seconds when powered on
  • Can connect to VR (both)


20 Aug 2021

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