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MOTOBRITE: The Perfect Tool for Night Riders

Here at WeBuyAnyBike, when we see something that will help encourage safety on motorcycles, we can’t resist sharing it with our fellow bikers. After reading about the MotoBrite on Mark Hinchcliffe’s blog over on Motorbike Writer, we decided that we had to write about it too!

Have you ever been out on a night drive/ride when all of a sudden, you sense the urge to change your Tyre? When you change your Tyre in the dark of night, you get greeted by a pair of headlights, and a toot of a horn as a driver narrowly misses you. If this seems familiar to any of our welsh bikers, the driver in question may have been Steve Wornham, founder of Road Safety Designs.


Following his alarming encounter, he decided to set to work in creating a portable illuminated LED all singing, all dancing hazard sign, so other motorists could REALLY be alerted at night.

MotoBrite: The Design

MotoBrite is the child of BriteAngle, a slightly bigger roadside portable version. All-in-all, MotoBrite is the same concept, just a little bit smaller, so we’ll go ahead and talk about that one.

The product is a waterproof case designed to be placed where the number plate is on a British Motorcycle. When in the event of an emergency the rider will pull over and open the case. The lid will drop down to reveal an ultra-reflected hazard sign that is illuminated by flashing LED lights.

You may wonder what happens to the number plate; worry not,it’s situated beneath the hazard sign on the reverse of the lid!

The Specs:

When you have had a little drama on the side of the road, other motorists will be able to see you at a maximum distance of 300 meters.  The flashing lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries. Redirecting power from the bike. The last thing you want is a flat battery after you’ve changed your tire!

The Price

The Motobrite is a great investment. Not only is it potentially a life saver, it’s not that expensive either! At just £39.95, we think this is definitely a very affordable product for what it is. The big car version; the BriteAngle is only a fraction cheaper at £37.95. Unfortunately, as opposed to the BriteAngle, the Motobrite is only available in the UK so far – this is all down to the sizing of UK number plates.

The project as a whole is still slightly new, showcased on 16th June 2019 at the Prescott Bike Festival! We’re pretty sure the BriteAngle and the MotoBrite will go on to big things. As I’m writing this, it’s been just over 10 days. By the looks of things, it's already done pretty well online!

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28 Jun 2019

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