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What To Expect When Riding At Night

To some, riding a motorcycle at night can be a thrill. The exhilarating feeling of a quiet road, most people are sat at home having their tea. Meanwhile, on the other hand, some people don’t like it. Riding at night can be a scary experience; the dimmed vision can make you anxious about the unknown feeling of what is around the corner. Whatever the case may be, bike trader We Buy Any Bike are here to shed a light on exactly what you should expect, and some safety tips for when you want to be a night rider! riding-at-night-motorbike-motorcycle-bike-bike-trader-biketrader-motorbike-trader-motorbiketrader-we-buy-any-bike-webuyanybike-sell-my-bike-sell-my-motorbike-sell-my-motorcycle-768x474

Expect to see Hazards

It’s pretty easy to see things out in the distance when you’re on the road in the daytime; of course, that depends on the weather. But that doesn’t compare to riding at night.
Riding at night in the City
You might think that riding in the city at night will be one of the easiest routes. However, we all know that the pubs and clubs are more active at night, so if you find yourself venturing into the city centre at night, especially on a weekend, make sure to keep an eye out for citizens who have had a little bit too much to drink!
You’re not the only one!
Night time brings out all kinds of things on the road... including other motorists. In particular, dangerous motorists who think the roads are quiet. Picture this: You’re casually riding down a straight road with a hidden crossroad, and some car comes swinging around the corner. In reality, this could happen at any time during the day, but in an evening it is more of a risk. car-1284641 1920-1-768x373 It is also very important to look out for cyclists, especially if you are riding on country roads. Their equipment isn’t as advanced as cars and motorbikes, so they have a lot more difficulty being seen.
This one is probably the biggest danger. On country roads, animals can come from absolutely anywhere and leap over a wall. This is more of a danger to motorcyclists because even the smallest of animals can cause the biggest accident, and animals as big as deer can be fatal. Although it is tempting to pick up speed on straight country roads, it is really important to keep a reduced and steady speed and be as alert as possible at all times.

Expect to be a Hazard

As previously mentioned, and as much as we’re sure you’d love to be (wouldn’t we all)... you probably won’t be the only one on the road. When it is dark outside, everyone is a potential hazard... even yourself! It is really important to keep yourself visible at all times to other motorists, and pedestrians. To keep yourself seen, always try to keep a reflective vest on you at all times. If you are preparing to travel in the night time, it is crucial to wear reflective gear, even if it means investing more money... count it as treating yourself! It can also be fun to buy a bright coloured helmet too; the brighter the better! The last thing also; and you probably won’t like this one, but try and go against your willpower and decorate your bike in reflective tape... better to be safe than sorry! helmet-bright-night-riding-motorbike-motorcycle-bike-trader-biketrader-motorbike-trader-motorbiketrader-we-buy-any-bike-webuyanybike

Extra Tips from We Buy Any Bike!

  • Always bring a spare bulb with you when riding at night, including brake lights and indicators... You never know when you might need them, and night riding is the worst time to get a bust bulb!
  • If you usually have a tinted visor, we advise you to switch that up for a clear visor... for obvious reasons!
  • Keep wipes and a clean rag handy – especially in the summer when bugs and dirt can block your vision and dim your headlights. If you are taking a long journey, we recommend you take a few stops just to dust off all your lights and your visor.
  • Change up your bulb to an HID/LED if you haven’t already! Before you hit the road, find a low lit area to test out the brightness.
  • Some cars have no consideration for other motorists, so if you find an oncoming car has their full beam on, focus on the road in front rather than the destination, and slow down!
  • Speaking of cars – in low lit areas, it might be worth finding one to follow so you can steal the view from their headlight.

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