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Sell My Bike In Aberdeen

The iconic granite city of Aberdeen is a very underrated and beautiful place. Many people know Aberdeen to be the ‘Grey City’, and they believe that this is down to the weather. However, it’s not! This city is statistically one of the sunniest places in the UK during the summertime, making it the perfect destination for motorcycling!

The population of Aberdeen was recorded at 261,000 back in 2019. We don’t know how many bikers there are here, but we can tell you that We Buy Any Bike collect many bikes from Aberdeen on a weekly basis! This tells us that it’s a very active community for motorcyclists.

Motorcycle-Friendly Accommodation in Aberdeen

I don’t usually include bothies in Aberdeen, but this one sprung to mind whilst researching this, so I’m putting it first! If you fancy off-roading during your trip to Aberdeen, head north on the Old Military Road heading towards Greenadams. If you take a left just before the Spiral Burn river, the road will take you to the little ‘Charr Bothy’. This was once home to John Whitley and is now run by the Mountain Bothies Association.


Camping in Aberdeen

Luckily, Scotland as a country welcomes wild camping, so you can pretty much pitch up anywhere you like in Aberdeen. However, if you prefer the amenities that come with campsites, give these ones a mull over!

Last but not least for this section, here are our recommended biker-friendly hotels within and around Aberdeen.

Glen Cova

Formerly known as the ‘Drovers Inn’, this luxurious accommodation had been welcoming guests overnight since the 1850’s! Inside it offer 18 bedrooms decorated to an elegant taste. The hotel itself is a beautiful white building that is located at the foot of the nearby Glen Doll; an iconic hilled area situated in the Cairngorms National Park. Glen Cova also have an array of beautiful lodges nestled within the woods.

Craiglea B&B

Since 2003, David and Angela have been offering a warm and friendly welcome to their guests at Craiglea Bed & Breakfast. Their beautiful home comprises of 5 tranquil and cosy bedrooms, complete with en-suite facilities.

Crawfield Grange

Here we have another beautiful B&B that has a selection of 2 cosy home-from-home-style rooms on offer. Wilma and Allen are the hosts here, they used to own St Leonards Hotel so have ample experience within the hospitality industry. They offer secure storage for motorcycles at the B&B that was converted from a barn by the couple themselves back in 1989. This property is just 12 miles from Aberdeen.

The Commercial Hotel

Located a stone’s throw away the Cairngorms National Park, this family owned accommodation is well loved by their many returning guests and friends. Bev and her team enjoy offering a warm and comforting welcome to all of their guests at this award winning 18th-century granite coaching in. Their 9 bedrooms all feature en-suite facilities and are decorated to a tasteful standard. They even feature guest-controlled heating!


Biker-Friendly Pubs

If you are just looking to stop off on your trip around Aberdeen, why not tick these pubs off your list! You could have a quick meal in all of them, and just hope that your leathers fit you by the end of it!

Spiders Web

Must admit, this name doesn’t ring well with me, but I wouldn’t have featured it if I didn’t think it looked good! If you take a look at their extensive menus on their website, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

The Ploughman

Situated in Petercutler, The Ploughman is a much-loved pub for many locals. The menu features some lovely dishes; ranging from fish, to grilled meats, pastas and more!

The Hungry Highlander

A quick search on your favourite internet browser will most certainly display various photos of bikes parked at this popular motorcycle hot spot. Located in Braemar, The Hungry Highlander offers some lovely quick fast food options, perfect to get you back out on the road again after a refuel of your belly.

Motorcycle Clubs in Aberdeen

Best Biking Routes in Aberdeen

The Castle Run – exclusively created by yours truly! Aberdeen actually has over 260 castles… but here are just a few.

new-slains-castle-2429359 960 720
New Slain's Castle

Loch Lomond to Aberdeen


Pitlochry to Aberdeen


Mossat to Aberdeen


Where can I go? – Biker Hangout

Grampian Transport Museum

Here is a great place to go for the average petrol head. I mean, the name says it all really, doesn't it? At this iconic award-winning museum, you will find a whole collection of historic vehicles. In the Motorcycle bit, they have over 20 bikes dating back to over 100 years! The oldest in the collection is a 1904 Kerry Motorcycle!

If we have any Guy Martin fans reading this - the museum is a good friend of his (assuming the people, not the building). At the Grampian Transport Museum you'll find a whole collection of Martin's racing treasures and projects from over the years. Stay tuned because he might add something else!


6 Fun Facts about Aberdeen

  1. Known to be the luckiest city in the UK. Make sure to get a lottery ticket when you’re next in the city because there are over 40 millionaires living here… and they’re all lottery winners!
  2. Aside from Scotland, there are over 30 places called Aberdeen in the world. They’re in places like Australia, Hong Kong, and Canada.
  3. Step aside Alps! You don’t have to hop on a plane to go Skiing… just head over to Aberdeen’s own, Aviemore Ski Resort.
  4. No need to be worried here, this city is voted #4 in the Top 10 safest cities in the UK.
  5. Aberdeen is responsible for Laughing Gas as we know it today; created here in 1961.
  6. Motorcycle Racer, Graeme Ritchie was born here in 1957; he passed away in 1997.

Sell My Bike in Aberdeen!

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