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Dunnottar Castle

Aberdeen is an absolutely fantastic place to plan a motorcycle trip. We can imagine it would be even better if you lived there! Most of us don’t though, but that doesn’t stop us travelling to the Castle Country of Scotland! Here is a little travel guide, consisting of our favourite clubs, hangouts, accommodations, and more in Aberdeen!


Bon Accord Motorcycle Club

Established in 1955, the Bon Accord Motorcycle Club consists of a compilation of lots of different riders. The club hosts various motorcycle sporting events; such as, Trials, Enduro, and Quads. They also have supportive members who enjoy partaking in Motocross, Supermoto, and Road Racing Events, but the club doesn’t actually host these events at this moment in time.

Road Mutts Motorcycle Club

This club haven’t been going for long, just 6 years, but they’re an old school club who enjoy going on regular ride-outs as well as contributing and partaking in charitable events all over Scotland. They also enjoy meeting up with other clubs too!

The Grampian Motorcycle Club

This club is very active – they meet up multiple times a week! Each Wednesday they enjoy going on a little local ride, then on a weekend they like to go a bit further afield. Every year they aim to have 4 weekend trips abroad and they like to combine their accommodation with hotels and camping.

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The Commercial Hotel

Situated near the lovely little village of Aboyne, which is a beautiful place to ride through. Bev and Chris enjoy offering a warm welcome to everyone at the Commercial Hotel, including motorcyclists! This 18th century coaching inn has been converted into a beautiful hotel, pub, and restaurant, complete with the original granite walls and even the original fireplace which proves popular in the colder months – especially up in Scotland!

Dunnottar B&B

Run by bikers, Luda and Phil, the Dunnottar B&B features luxury accommodation just short of 2 miles from Dunnottar Castle. Since the owners are bikers, they know how important motorcycle security is, and it can always be very daunting when you’re parking your bike in an unknown place overnight. Taking this into consideration, they installed Thatcham approved ground anchors! Luda is the expert when it comes to breakfast; when you get up there will be lots of fresh fruit, along with delicious continental and Traditional Scottish Breakfast.

Davron Hotel

Situated in Rosehearty, this hotel is rumoured to date back to 1898, the Davron hotel is now owned and run by David and Sharon, who claimed the premises back in 2012. The pair offer a motorcycle friendly experience with CCTV covering the property for ease of mind. Inside you will find 8 en-suite bedrooms as well as a public bar and restaurant so that you can mix with the locals. On their website you will be able to find our just exactly where your food is sourced from… spoiler: it’s all local!

Camping Sites:

Where can I go? – Biker Hangout

Grampian Transport Museum

Here is a great place to go for the average petrol head. I mean, the name says it all really, doesn’t it? At this iconic award-winning museum, you will find a whole collection of historic vehicles. In the Motorcycle bit, they have over 20 bikes dating back to over 100 years! The oldest in the collection is a 1904 Kerry Motorcycle!

If we have any Guy Martin fans reading this – the museum is a good friend of his (assuming the people, not the building). At the Grampian Transport Museum you’ll find a whole collection of Martin’s racing treasures and projects from over the years. Stay tuned because he might add something else!



Loch Lomond to Aberdeen

Pitlochry to Aberdeen

Mossat to Aberdeen

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Motorcycle Scotland

We’ve also made a little ride route on Google Maps to 7 iconic castles in Aberdeenshire; check it out here! This route goes from Balvenie Castle in Keith, to Ellon where you will visit Haddo House and Tolquhon Castle. Between the 2 you can head east to visit New Sloan Castle – read more about this Scottish Gem further down! From Tolquhon you will travel over to Inverurie where Castle Frazer is situated, before reaching Drum Castle and Crathes Castle in Banchory. The last stop on your route will be Dunnottar Castle over in Stonehaven, where you can enjoy a nice view of the sea.

6 Random Facts About Aberdeen

  1. Aberdeen is such a pretty city to ride in! It’s actually been voted the Britain in Bloom contest 10 times!
  2. Step aside, Dracula, Transylvania has nothing on Aberdeen! The Scottish county of Aberdeenshire is known as ‘Scotland’s own Castle Country’, and we’re not surprised. Rumour has it, famous author Bram Stoker actually started writing Dracula whilst visiting New Slain Castle in 1894. There are many beliefs that the story was inspired by this castle, by Whitby, and by one in Transylvania. In fact, there are many debates; but maybe it was just a little bit of everything?
  3. In addition to the Britain in Bloom contest, Aberdeen was voted Britain’s safest country in 2017!
  4. Here’s a bit of an automotive fact for you – The first female car owner was announced in 1890, and she was situated in Aberdeen!
  5. Just to clarify for our readers; there are over 30 places across the world called Aberdeen. Sorry if you’ve read on to this bit and you’re not after Aberdeen in Scotland!
New Slain’s Castle – Can you see Dracula?

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