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Although Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, Glasgow is home to plenty more people; over 621,000 in fact. The population of Greater Glasgow defeats that figure, standing at over 1.6 million!

That being said, Glasgow is a great place to be a biker – that is when it’s not freezing. Don’t forget the record-breaking icy temperature back in 1995 when it fell to a jaw-dropping -17 degrees-Celsius! In the summer months, Glasgow can reach the mid-twenties, which sounds more appealing. Also, it’s pretty close to the coast too, which sounds even more appealing!

If you’re paying a visit to Glasgow by bike, you’re in luck. Firstly, because it’s a UNESCO City of Music, secondly, it’s absolutely thriving with culture, art, and history. We Buy Any Bike are here today to show you ‘the’ places to go when planning a motorcycle trip to Glasgow!


Solid Rock Cafe

Back in the day, Solid Rock Cafe was a haven for bikers. Today, unfortunately, it seems the council have adjusted the rules of parking bikes outside. However, the cafe itself is still welcoming towards bikers and we still recommend visiting here if you are staying in the area!

Bon Accord

Situated beside the Harley-Davidson Glasgow store, the Bon Accord pub is a popular one with Harley enthusiasts. We’ve recommended this one mainly for those staying the night nearby. This just in case you get tempted by the alcohol they have in stock! Throughout the year they have a changing stock of over 800 ales and 400 whiskies. Believe me – I didn’t know there were that many that existed either!

Bankroll Cafe

If you fancy a quick bite to eat whether it’s lunch or breakfast, look no further than Bankroll Cafe! We’d probably recommend ringing up first or something, because this seems to be the ‘in place’ for functions such as funerals and christenings. It must be a great place though, there always seems to be something going on there and the pictures on their Facebook Page look delicious… take a look!

Riverside Museum of Transport

Not necessarily a ‘biker hangout’ but a visit to the Riverside Museum of Transport is definitely worth a visit. They’ve got over 3000 exhibits on display, including a 3-layered display of bikes up one of their walls. Although they have a good display of bikes, it would be even better suited to you if you’re just generally a fan of engines – like us, really!


The Drovers Inn

Staying at The Drovers Inn will provide you with a unique experience. The supposedly haunted property is something that the team pride themselves in, and they have a whole collection of stories to tell. The 300+ year old property hosts a variety of 14 rooms – room 6 being the ‘most haunted’, if you’re into that kind of thing. Although this property is located 70 miles north of Central Glasgow, it is in the heart of the Loch Lomond, it has great parking facilities, and is regularly visited by bikers!

Rob Roy Hotel

Inspired by the Scottish Folk Figure & outlaw, Rob Roy – as the name suggests! The Rob Roy Hotel was once a prison back in wartime Britain, but now it holds affordable accommodation for anyone passing! There are 100 rooms on offer with prices starting from £35.

Sunnyside B&B

Lorraine and Frank offer a warm welcome to everyone at their lovely and homely B&B. They offer secure parking for bikes at their property where they have 7 rooms on offer. Over 170 years ago, this property was home to a Ploughman! Today it is the Sunnyside, where you can expect comfortable accommodation; a home away from home, with lovely cooked breakfast in the morning, and welcoming hosts to show you the ropes from around the area.

Coylet Inn

The recently re-opened Coylet Inn is located beside Loch Eck, where you may experience beautiful views of this at breakfast if you’re lucky to get a table! On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to get a booking in room 3, you will be greeted with a large double bath by the front bay window, overlooking the loch!

Auchenlea Guest House

This beautiful guest house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and farmland beyond. According to the website, the property is blossomed by sunlight throughout the day, and the accommodation is very welcoming. There is ample parking at the rear of the property for motorcycles where you can also enjoy a nice barbecue in the summer months.


Drumdog MX

Stewarton to Thornliebank

Whiteless – Windfarm – Eaglesfarm

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Glasgow to Drysmen

motorbike motorcycle bike webuyanybike we buy any bike uk bikers glasgow

Glasgow to Edinburgh Loop

motorbike motorcycle bike webuyanybike we buy any bike uk bikers glasgow

The Highlands Run

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  • Is Glasgow the ‘City of Love’ or is love dead in Glasgow? St Valentine certainly is because his remains lie at Blessed St John Duns Scotus on Ballater Street.
  • We Buy Any Bike are actually rivals of Glasgow, in a way. Over the years they’ve tried to claim themselves as ‘Curry Capital of the UK’. Granted, they have won the award 4 consecutive times, but we’ve beat that at 6 consecutive times. Sorry Glaswegian Curry fans, you’ll have to try harder than that!
  • Glasgow must’ve been pretty green back in the day – in Gaelic, it translates to ‘Dear Green Place’.
  • Here’s some evidence of ‘Green Glasgow’: Victoria Park has trees double the age of dinosaurs!
  • Going back to the curry thing – we’ll give them this one. The Chicken Tikka Masala was created here!


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