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Sell My Bike In Cardiff

Where can I sell my bike in Cardiff? You can call us for a start! We might not be based in Cardiff, but our drivers travel to Wales multiple times a week offering bikers our FREE collection service. Get your FREE quote today by visiting our home page!

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About Cardiff

Cardiff is commonly known by locals and beyond as the land of Castles. Many moons ago, it was also known as the Land of King Arthur, who was known to be welsh, so that’s probably where that one came from.

Today, the land of Cardiff has many rolling fields surrounding the city; a city that is great for bikers. The outskirts of the city contain views that will simply leave you breathless. The city itself on the other hand, also has views that will leave you breathless; especially on the coast!

Are you planning on taking your bike to Cardiff? Well, the nation’s favourite bike trader is here to help! Here is our biker’s guide to the capital of Wales!


Biker-Friendly Accommodation

Barn B ‘n’ B at Ty’n Cellar Farm

Whether you’re after a B&B or you’re more into the self-catering side of life, Ty’n Cellar Farm has it all. Phil and Barbara are the welcoming hosts at this lovely 4-star accommodation nestled in the heart of the Margam near Cardiff. This property is very historic, estimated to date back to the 13th century.

Tanes Hotel

Situated in the centre of Cardiff, The Tanes Hotel offers secure parking at the rear of the property for bikers. Tony the owner and his family have welcomed guests for over 40 years. Tanes hotel has 19 comfortable rooms on offer, starting at a price of just £49. Breakfast is included in your stay too.

Vale Park Hotel & Touring Site

How much of a dream would it be to camp in wales?! Well, with Vale Park you can do just that! Or, you can opt to stay at their accommodating hotel. Sharon and Gerald enjoy welcoming all on site at Vale Park. At their hotel they have 10 rooms available, offering a relaxing and comfortable stay. They also have a bar on site too! The hotel


Cafes & Hangouts

Forest Café & Tea Rooms

Nestled within the beautiful forest within the grounds of the historic Castell Coch, this café is the side business of a Stove and Fire manufacturer. If you happen to pass through Tongwynlais on your route, don’t forget to stop off at the Forest Café. Also, just a side note to ride slowly on the approach, as there are animals and walkers about!


There isn’t much information online for this café in particular. However, we had to include it due to the location! It is situated on the banks of the Cosmeston Lake, which is a must have if you’re on a ride in or out of Cardiff heading towards the village of Sully.



Cardiff Motocross

Cardiff to Breacon


Pembroke to Cardiff


South Wales Coast Run


Caerphilly Mountain Run


Repairs & Parts

Useful Links

‘United Motorcycle Intense Training’ or ‘UNAT’ is a motorcycle training scheme situated in Caerphilly and Newport that is targeted to training motorcyclists of all levels.

This year the bikers of Cardiff were hoping to see over 200 makes and models of some classic icons over the space of 2 days! The event was going to be held at a local school with no charge for admission, just donations for the school.

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Random Facts

  • Aside from Cardiff, Wales is home to the place with the largest name, and the meaning is even stranger! Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is located in Anglesy. Translated it means, ‘The Church of St Mary in the hollow of the white hazel near the rapid whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio near a red cave’. We’re no experts at naming places. Regardless, try say that when you’ve had a few drinks… or none!
  • Why hop overseas for a tan when you’ve got Cardiff? Rumour has it that the welsh capital gets more hours of sunlight than Milan!
  • Let’s have a little throwback moment to the Coal Exchange back in 1907. One day during this year, the first million-pound cheque was written!
  • Cardiff is one of the most historic cities in the UK. There are a collection of graves buried beneath the grounds of the centre.
  • Multi-winning TT/North West 200/Southern 100 winner Ian Lougher was born in Cardiff circa 1963.

Sell My Motorcycle in Cardiff

Are you based in Cardiff looking to sell your bike? Then look no further! Here at We Buy Any Bike, our drivers offer their FREE collection service to bikers in Wales 7 days a week… Obviously this includes Cardiff! The next time you’re considering a bike sale, but you’re put off by the stress and hassle that comes with private selling, call us! WeBuyAnyBike pay the most and collect the quickest!



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