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There are some great motorcycle events, groups and cafe spots in Cardiff… WeBuyAnyBike have put some biker information together for you! 

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The capital and largest city in Wales in Cardiff. It is part of the Cardiff and South Wales Valley Metropolitan of about 1,100,000 people. It is a massively popular tourist destination. The city itself is undergoing continuous developments. Such as the Cardiff Bay and the new Business District in the centre.

On average, the weather is mild. Like the majority of the UK, it is often cloudy, wet and a bit windy! The monthly temperatures average between 21.5 °C in July and 2.1 °C in February. With an overview of Wales in mind. The main city; Cardiff experiences the least rainfall than the rest of the country.

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South Wales Classic & Modern Motorcycle Show and Autojumble

This is a great annual show in Cardiff, its packed full of different competitions, clubs and gear stands. The show usually attracts about 200 entries in the three different halls. The Show is also hosting an open-air autojumble section. The show offers everything a biker could want. This year the event is held in April 2016. It is a must see if you’re planning on visiting Cardiff!

Motorcycle Action Group

If you are interested in more information on motorcycling in the town, it’s worth checking out the Cardiff Motorcycle Action Group. This website can update you on the local issues for motorcyclists. They promote and protect these rights of all riders. Cardiff MAG is not associated with any political party or particular ideology. It is just loyal to making sure bikers are acknowledged and protected.

Suggested Motorbike Route

Cardiff – Llandovery – Swansea

This is a really nice route taking you in or out of Cardiff. Going through the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park. There is amazing scenery all the way around this ride. It takes you to the bikers hang out of Owls Nest Llandovery for some lunch:

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Owls Nest Llandovery

This family-run Tea Room Diner is situated in a large car park. Its known for being a lively and friendly place with an amazing atmosphere! Amongst the large display of motorbikes parked outside, you might see the large seating area. In addition to this, they also have another seating area indoors too! Inside you’re sure to find some amazing food! A perfect place for a light lunch, ice cream sundaes and cakes!

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