Sell My Motorbike In Hull

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Sell My Motorbike In Hull

Hull is a great place to go for a weekend trip away, it seems to be under constant regeneration and development while holding its authentic market areas. Hull is located on the banks of the River Humber, and is well known for being an interesting water front city, full of culture, shopping and nightlife.

The main tourist attractions in Hull include the Old Town, Museum Quater, The Depp and Hull Marina. Not forgetting the excellent selection of little second hand and vintage shops! The re developments include the opening of St Stephens Hull and the Hull Truck Theatre.

Hull has a big bikers community, We Buy Any Bike have put together some information for bikers in Hull!

Motorcycle Routes:

  • Hull – Scarborough 

The route takes about 1h 30m and around 45 miles, perfect for a days ride out to the seaside.

  • Hull – Withernsea – Aldbrough (South Holderness Triangle)

The above ride is full of fun roads, offering the best twisties in the area. The route can take just under an hour to complete if you don’t stop, but you go past quite a few fish and chips shops which are ideal for a stop off.

  • Hull – Hornsea

This one takes you to the seaside resort town of Hornsea in about 40m, around 16 miles. It’s packed full of beautiful countryside scenery until you reach the sea; you then have the option to circuit around and return a different way from the one you came. Heading back on the Hull Rd or the A1035.

  • Hull – Bridlington – Beverley 

This is a round trip of around 2 hours long, and about 64 miles. It takes you right up to the seaside before dropping back down into lovely market town of Beverley.

  • Hull – Whitby

It take about 2 hours to get to Whitby from Hull and around 66 miles, there are a couple of way to get there both of which have cafe stops the whole way and beautiful scenery.


A great institute in Hull is HEAM, they help people improve their riding skills and general road safety. It’s been suggested the Driving Standards Agency Test taken to obtain your motorbike licence isn’t quite preparing people to be on our roads today. So there are institutes like this one, set up to help support road safety. If you are in Hull you might be interested in spending a few hours with these guys, they are passionate about biking and about your safety.

East Yorks Mag

A group that has really taken the rights of people on two wheels into their hands is the East Yorks Mags. They are constantly fighting to make sure people on motorbikes and scooters are looked after in Hull. They campaigned and won for people on two wheels to both use the bus lanes in Hull and for to use the Humber Bridge for free!

Motorcycle Clothing In Hull

It’s always nice to have a look around in different motorcycle clothing shops when visiting a new town! Listed here are some of Hulls finest:

Motorcycle Repairs In Hull

If you’re riding in Hull and are unlucky enough to need a repair contact, here’s a few you can contact:

Motocross Tracks In Hull

Like motocross? Whether you’re heading to Hull for the weekend or live there, here are some of the closest by tracks for you:

✓ Chequered Flag Motocross Track (10 miles from Hull)

✓ Monckton Shooting Ground Motocross Track (11 miles from Hull)

✓ Hush Motocross Practice Track (18 miles from Hull)

✓ Kieradan Park Scunthorpe (20 miles from Hull)

✓ Thoresway Honda Motoparc (21 miles from Hull)

✓ Bielby Motocross Track (22 miles from Hull)

✓ Thoresway Salters Lane Motoparc (24 miles from Hull)


Do you have a question about being a biker in Hull?!

If you’ve got a specific question about riding in Hull, why not post it to a bikers forum? Hull & Yorkshire Bikers seems like the place to do it!

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