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Sell My Motorcycle In Liverpool

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A Biker’s Guide to Liverpool...

If you are looking for a trip around Liverpool by bike – you’re on the perfect page!

Dating back to 1190 – I know, it’s pretty ancient, isn’t it? – Liverpool gets its name from the surrounding ‘pool’ that is quite prominent to this day around the town. Back in the day they actually called it ‘Liuerpul’ (liver meaning muddy, not what you think!) – feel free to send us a video of you saying that because we’ve got no idea how to pronounce it! It’s quite surprising to learn that the ‘Liverpudlians’ didn’t actually do anything trade wise with the water for over 500 years until 1715 when they opened their first dock.

Liverpool and the surrounding areas have an estimated population of around 897,000. This isn’t as high as it was in the 1950s though when it had a population of 1.38 million! The current count is expected to grow to around 990k in 2035.

If you’re paying a visit to Liverpool, why not have a little historic ride and pay a visit to these first 7 streets:

  • Water Street (formerly Bank Street) – One Way
  • Castle Street – Half One Way
  • Chapel Street – West Bound Bus Lane
  • Dale Street – One Way
  • High Street – (formerly Juggler Street)
  • Tithebarn Street – (formerly Moor Street)
  • Old Hall Street – (formerly White Acre Street)

These central roads may look new, but if you look at the buildings you will be greeted by some lovely historic architecture.

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Places To Visit

Museum of Liverpool

We get it – you’re a bit confused as to why we’ve mentioned this on a motorbike website. That’s because this museum has a bike in it! Yes; just 1! It’s a recommended visit if you’re staying in Liverpool for a few days and you fancy doing a bit of the old tourist-y stuff. The bike in question is a Liverpool-born-and-bred AER Motorcycles Motorcycle! It is a 250cc model that was introduced before the company seized production just before the war.

Bleak Hall Motocross Track

This Motocross track is situated in Ormskirk, just 16 miles from central Liverpool. The most common MX Clubs to use this track are Bolton Motocross Club and Newton Le Willows MXC. The track itself is only open for specific events organized by the clubs, so you would have to contact the organizers direct if you would like to attend!

To see some other tracks... click here!

Aintree Racecourse

This is a very famous place in the biking community. It is a venue that has held a whole variety of world-famous events such as the annual Grand National, along with golfing events. It was even the host of Michael Jackson’s concert once! In terms of motorcycling, legends like Carl Fogarty started their career here.  All motorcycle events are hosted by the Aintree Motorcycle Racing Club who have been hosting race days here for over 60 years!

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Cafes and Hangouts

  • Olde Red Lion
    For over 15 years, Olde Red Lion has hosted a perfect place for bikers to gather, its a traditional pub with a twist of also being a great gig and entertainment place. This is a really sociable hang out spot if you are looking to meet some like-minded people. The landlord is a biker so appreciates the importance of secure parking.   As well as having an active party scene the Olde Red Lion has its regular home cooked Sunday lunches and traditional grill menu if you just want to dine.
  • Coffee500
    This well reviewed cafe is situated just 14 miles from the centre of Liverpool. Owner, Lynne and her team enjoy inviting bikers here every day, but especially on a Tuesday Evening when they host their ‘Bike Night’, which over the years has proved to be extremely popular. This Italian-themed cafe offers delicious Kimbo coffee and local Cheshire Ice Cream, along with a whole menu of additional tasty treats.
  • Park Road Cafe
    If you pay a visit to Coffee500 for their bike night, you can visit Park Road Cafe in St. Helens the day after for theirs! This cafe offers a whole selection of sweet and savoury dishes, and it even has a special menu for Bike Night!
  • Scotch Piper Inn
    Known as ‘the oldest pub in Lancashire’, this pub is a traditional piece of Mersey history. The Scotch Piper Inn is complete with a thatched roof, and formerly known as The Royal Oak. The 1320’s-built pub is specifically welcoming towards all petrol-heads. Every Wednesday evening is bike night at this pub, a great opportunity for bikers to turn up, soak themselves up in the cosiness of the coal fire and great ale.
  • The Fox
    Situated in Maghull, The Fox pub is the most central to Liverpool. Although it isn’t necessarily a ‘biker’ pub, it has a large car park on site. When you step indoors you will be greeted to nice modern interiors and some great menus with high-end gastro-pub dishes on them!


The Dolby Hotel

At this hotel, prices start from just £13! Here we have central affordable accommodation with everything else on your doorstep. It is perfect for a biker travelling and finishing their route for the day in Liverpool itself.

The Liner

This nautical-themed hotel is very patriotic to Liverpool and its Maritime history. The large car park on-site comes complete, not only with 150 spaces, but it is also 'up to the nines' in security. The luxury award-winning 'liner' features 24-hour CCTV and even a parking attendee!


Liverpool Motor Club

Renowned for being Liverpool’s oldest club, this motor club was initially formed back in 1895. However, back then it was only a club for large vehicles; under the name ‘Self-Propelled Traffic Association’.

A group of motorcyclists formed what would be the Liverpool Motor Club as it stands today for both cars and bikes 7 years later in 1902.

Aintree Motorcycle Racing Club

If you’re familiar with the famous Aintree Racecourse, then need I say more?! We've written about it further up anyway, so you've probably heard of it, unless you scrolled right down! The club, on the other hand, has been racing at Aintree for over 60 years.

The South Liverpool/Mersey Motor Cycle Club

These clubs specialise in motorcycle sporting events. They run in tandem and are maintained by trained stewards, Scrutineers, and noise meter operators who have all worked at ACU Motorcycle Events. Head on over to their linked website to check out their up and coming hosted events.

Places to Ride

Norris Green – Woodvale
This one is perfect for those travelling from North-East Liverpool.

Repairs & Parts

Fun Facts about Liverpool

  • We all know Liverpool to be very famous for being the capital of pop music and introducing us to The Beatles. People flock from all over the world just to see it for themselves. Statistics must clearly show this is because Liverpool has to employ around 50,000 people just to control it all!
  • Liverpool may somehow be responsible for the birth of motorcycle clubs! In 1861, the first ever cycling club was created, and it was run by the name of Liverpool Velocipedes.
  • If you are ever taking a visit to Liverpool, it might be worthwhile to choose your timing wisely... Beneath the ground that holds the mighty St Georges Hall, lies the remains of a secret city! You can also book your very own tour, but that is where you have to keep an eye out because they run at random limited times!
  • Here's one for the ultimate 'engine-heads'... Liverpool is home to the world's first ever passenger railway line!
  • You may recognize Liverpudlians to be called Scousers, but what you may not know is that this name actually came from a traditional ancient dish, called a Scouse Stew. If you fancy making it, it is made up of Lamb, Beef Steak, Potatoes, Beef Stock, Onions, Carrots, and Worcester Sauce.
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