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Manchester is a fantastic city; with its surrounding areas it has a growing population of over 2.5 million! The grand city, famous for its bees has a huge biking community, and it’s one of the most popular places that our drivers visit multiple times a week! Not only that, but we all personally love taking ride outs to Manchester. Here are our top recommendations!


The Rampant Lion Hotel

This hotel is set adjacent to the famous restaurant, The Rampant Lion Complex. In case you haven’t heard of it, it is a popular little compilation of a restaurant, cafe, and hotel in the heart of Manchester. Here there is no need to eat out – you get the choice of eating at a whole package of restaurants:

  • Don Leone – Italian Restaurant
  • Roma Cafe – Italian Cafe
  • Verona – Italian Takeaway
  • Sama – Medeterranean & Middle Eastern Cuisine

If you get the opportunity to stay over at The Rampant Lion, you will be greeted by pure luxury as you step inside one of the 9 intricately designed bedrooms. Each room is decorated with a very modern touch, making your stay a truly special one.

Eleven Didsbury Park

This boutique little number is situated in the village of Didsbury, located just south of Manchester City Centre; West of Stockport. Eleven Didsbury Park is the host of many weddings, but it also plays the part of a hotel and the decor looks exceptional – it makes me want to stay… even though it’s not too far away, I might treat myself one day! This hotel is a chain of two on one street, they offer ample parking on site.

Cornerstones Guest House

Since 1985 Tony and his team have offered a warm welcome to all their guests at their Victorian Guest House. Each of their 9 rooms have hints of the Victorian era with a little modern twist to them. There is ample parking at the back of the property which is designated to the guest house.


Hells Belles

Famous for being the only Independent Back Patch Women’s Motorcycle Club in the UK, the Hells Bells have been roaming the streets as a club since 2010. Every Monday they host bike night which is mostly a women-only event, but on the first Monday of every month they welcome all. Their bike nights consist of a game of pool, food, drinks, and lots of ‘biker banter’. This is over at their clubhouse, The Cauldron, where they also occasionally welcome bands to play some live music.

On a Weekend the girls often go out for a ride, whether it’s a Sunday or Saturday, they make sure to keep updated on their Facebook Page.

Manchester 500 Advanced Motorcyclists

This is a workshop orientated club who are dedicated to improving the experience that riders have on their motorbikes. Manchester 500 are an official partner of IAM Roadsmart, and they also work closely with BikeSafe, a safety workshop programme that is established by the Greater Manchester Police.

Manchester 17

Here we have a very active club who host a whole variety of trials and enduro events. Founded in 1935, Manchester 17 have a collection of over 200 members – to join the club it is just £5 per year! Not only do they host trials and enduro days around Northern England, but they also hold regular ride-outs, rallies, social events – this is aside from their weekly Tuesday Meetup!

Cafes/Hang Outs

The Station Hotel

This is a brilliant biker pub who host live bands and spoken word events every week. There is always something going on at The Station Hotel situated in Ashton-Upon-Lyme! Owner Pauline and her team offer a warm welcome to everyone who walks through their door!

sell my bike in manchester

The Bike N’ Hound

If you’re a biker who is visiting Manchester any time soon, make sure you put this bike on your bucket list. Categorized as a ‘rock and bike pub’, there’s literally no doubt in the world that this pub welcomes all bikers. Live bands are on weekly here; visit this pub on a Thursday – Sunday and you won’t be disappointed!

The Bank Top Tavern

Here we have a great biker-friendly pub in the heart of Oldham that has plenty of places for you to park up your bike. Run by bikers, you will instantly be at home by walking in this pub on a Wednesday – Sunday (Monday/Tuesday Closed). They also often host bands on a Friday or Saturday.



sell my bike in manchester


sell my bike in manchester


sell my bike in manchester

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Fun Facts

  1. The city dates back to AD79.
  2. Back in the day it was actually called ‘Mamucium’, which has a completely different meaning – you can Google that one!
  3. In 1904, a gentleman named Charles Rolls met another gentleman named Henry Royce. Little did they know that the following years would bring great things to them (they probably did). Soon after, they introduced to the world, the Rolls Royce.
  4. Manchester Airport is the largest in the UK outside of London!
  5. In 1830, Manchester introduced to the world the very first purpose-built passenger railway. This train transported people to Liverpool from Manchester and vice-versa.

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