Tips For Riding A Motorbike All Year Round – Summer and winter motorcycle riding

With a little preparation, it is possible to ride your motorbike all year round. So what do you need to do? In this article, we have a quick look at what you need to think about to make that possible.

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Let’s start with the fun times, we all love summer but bikers come alive in the summer time. All we need is a hint of sunshine and the garage doors are twitching and the motorcycle leathers become appealing.

The first job is to dig out the helmet and clean off all the dead flies and ground in insects then polish the visor inside and out.

Now to the garage, the bike is sat there waiting for you like a puppy waiting for its owner. You pull out the bike and hit start, you expect the roar of an engine but in reality, there’s nothing but a click at best, the battery is flatter than a v-twin with a misfire.

So it’s off to the local bike dealer to purchase a battery after a short time the bike is purring like a kitten. So to avoid the disappointment purchasing an optimizer should keep your battery in tip-top condition and ready to fire up at the touch of a button.

The oil and water should be checked and topped up in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations both tyre pressures should be checked and adjusted before the journey commences.

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Nobody likes getting up to a cold dark wintery morning but we all have to. So, spare a thought for the hardened 365 commuters who use their bike as transport all year round. According to a survey, these people need a couple of things to make their journey more tolerable on a motorcycle. Have you guessed what it is yet?? That’s right protection from the oncoming wind and heated grips to keep their hands nice and warm.

So once you have sorted the maintenance on the bike, including antifreeze levels, chain tension, oil levels and tyre pressures you are ready to go.

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