5 Safety Tips For New Riders

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There’s no doubt that riding a motorcycle on the road for the first time since passing your test is a thrilling experience. However, riding a motorcycle without learner plates means that you’re assumed to be a confident motorcyclist, yet there’s an increased risk of a road traffic accident.

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In 2016, more than 19,000 motorcyclists were injured in reported road accidents, according to ROSPA. The majority of motorcyclists involved in these accidents either had a provisional licence (or no licence at all) or had a full licence but had not held it for a long time.

If you’re a new rider, we recommend reading Thompsons Solicitors’ five tips to help you ride safely and reduce your risk of a motorcycle accident.

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Maintain your bike

If you are a recent owner of a brand new bike, it’s worth learning a few basic tricks for preparing and looking after it. Knowing how to maintain your bike, such as how to check your tyres and change the engine oil and fluids, will all help to keep you safer on the roads.

Wear the right riding gear

It goes without saying that you should wear the right gear when you are riding your motorbike. A helmet is a legal requirement in the UK. For your own safety, you should wear gloves, boots, a jacket and layers at all times to ensure that if you are involved in an accident, you will suffer minimum injury. You should also wear high visibility clothing at night to reduce the risk of getting seriously injured in a road accident.

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It’s important to wear clothes that are comfortable and fit properly, and aren’t distracting. If you’re a new rider, we suggest going on short rides to test your gear. Make changes to it if necessary.

Ride cautiously

Motorcyclists are particularly at risk of an accident. They are often smaller than other motorists and drivers fail to see them. Reduce the risk of a road collision by remaining vigilant and making yourself as visible as possible to other motorists. When approaching a junction, try to get eye contact with the driver emerging so that they are aware of your presence.

Stick to speed limits

Speed limits are not just there for other drivers; motorcyclists have to obey them too. Avoid a collision with another road user. Keep your conscience clear should something happen by remaining within speed limits at all times. If you are a new driver, make sure you ride at a speed you are comfortable with.

Get extra training

Whether you are an experienced motorcyclist or just passed your motorcycle test, you may benefit from extra training. A motorcyclist safety course will help you to improve your riding skills. Make sure you are aware of your rights and the rules of the road.

Motorcycling is one of the most thrilling yet dangerous ways of commuting to travel. Making sure you are familiar with these basic safety tips will help you enjoy riding your motorbike safely.

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Thompsons Solicitors is committed to making sure bikers get a fair deal if they are injured on the roads. If you have been injured in a road collision. Motorcycle injury claims experts will work hard to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Author: Emma Henry

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2 thoughts on “5 Safety Tips For New Riders”

  1. Everyone should be careful while driving—but motorcyclists need to take extra precautions. Distracted drivers, inclement weather, and wearing improper riding gear are just some of factors that can lead to serious or even fatal accidents.

    1. I completely agree, Nicholas! As exciting as bikes can be, it can be pretty dangerous when you’re on the road. They should be but drivers aren’t always alert, and the weather is certainly a big culprit! Gear is expensive but it is important to fork out if you want to stay on the safe side.

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