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CBT And Beyond: Getting Your First Bike

So, you've heard about your CBT, but getting a bike isn't just about that. Getting your first bike is a really exciting thought. But where do you start? Also, how much would it be? There are a lot of questions that we often ask ourselves. We Buy Any Bike are here to help! Here is the ultimate guide to starting your bike journey...

Motorcycle Theory Test

When obtaining your motorcycle license, along with a CBT you must undergo a Theory and Hazard Perception Test. Both tests will be completed at the same time. This theory part is a series of 50 questions with multiple-choice answers. You will get an hour to go through all of the questions.


On the other hand, the Hazard Perception is a bit of a more recent addition. Following your theory you will be located to an available computer where you will watch a video. You will be permitted to click when you see multiple hazards approaching at different times. There are 14 hazard clips in total. It’s important to click at the right time; too late or too early will jeopardise your chances of passing.

There are a selection of Apps and Websites that provide practice in preparation for your theory and hazard perception tests. A few of these are:

You can also purchase books in preparation for your theory at your local book store or supermarket. To book your motorcycle theory test, visit the Gov website.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Before you can take a bike on the road at all, you need to have undergone Compulsory Basic Training. This is usually a one-day course aimed to teach you how to operate up to a 50cc if you are aged 16, and a 125cc if you are up to the age of 17. Want to prepare for your CBT, we wrote some tips here!

The reason we say usually is because you may be asked to return for further training another day.


What you can expect

On a basic training day, the first thing you can expect after the introduction is an eyesight test. Now, don’t worry, they aren’t going to take you into a dark room and expect you to put the usual goggles on. This will be a simple 30-minute process where you will be asked to review a number plate or two, at a distance. All being well, this will be in good daylight, and it’s advised to wear glasses where necessary, because if you fail, you can’t continue!

After learning the basic controls, you’ll then be asked to operate the motorcycle, usually in a closed car park. Here you will be taught to mimic basic movements that you may experience when out on the road. Such as, setting off, approaching a junction, and emergency stops.

Following a quick talk with the instructor, you will then be asked to take on the road. You’ll be out there for at least 2 hours, where you will experience the usual things you see whilst out and about; roundabouts, obstructions, pedestrian crossings, and more!

After your instructor is satisfied with how safe you are at operating the bike, you’ll be given a certificate and you’ll be on your way to obtaining a proper license!


There isn’t really much to say on this one. The price of your insurance is entirely dependent on:

  1. Location
  2. Age
  3. Policy Length – you could be passing in a few days, and changing to a full insurance policy!
  4. Any discrepancies on your existing license if you hold a current driving license.
  5. How long you have held your license for.
  6. Age/Mileage of the bike
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Since we’re on about beginners today, we’ll stick to 125cc’s and below. Here are the licences you can expect after obtaining your CBT.

AM – As long as you are over the age of 16, you will be able to ride on an AM licence. This will give you the capability of operating a 50cc moped with a 4kW engine size.

A1 – Once you have turned 17, you will be able to obtain an A1 licence that will allow you to ride a bike up to 125cc. After passing your A1, you will even be able to have a pillion!

Of course, there are other licences, but you can find out about them in our detailed Licence blog post, here!

What Bike Should I get?

So, you’ve done your CBT, now it’s time to get a bike! We can’t really recommend a bike specifically for you, because we don’t know what kind of bike you like! (we do however have a post dedicated to different first bikes)


The is no limit of choice when it comes to learner legal bikes, whether they are 50cc or 125. The same goes with price. Whether you choose a brand new straight-from-the-manufacturer bike, you’d be looking at a price starting from £1,000, ranging up to about £6,000 at least!

On the other hand, you have the option of buying a second-hand bike. I personally would choose this option to gain rider confidence and general experience when out on the road. However, when you’re choosing this route, no matter what the price, we’d recommend exporting (not riding) the bike/moped to your local highly-qualified and experienced bike mechanic. They will be able to ensure that the bike is truly safe for the road and rider. Price wise, we can’t put a measurement on that. It’s entirely up to the owner!

The Gear

When you’re new to riding, the gear can often get overlooked. Some people have the advantage of having friends who are already into bikes. Some other people don’t have the advantage, and that can be really tricky to establish the best priced gear at the best quality.

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When researching gear, it can be quite daunting when you price it up. But just think, you’ll be saving your life! In whichever order you put them on your shopping list, a helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, and boots, all of the very durable kind are critical items you want to buy. You can find the fittings of these at your local motorcycle clothing & accessory store where you can most likely find sizing assistance from staff.

You also want to add base layers for extra protection and thermal purposes too. Regardless of the heat out on the road, protection is very important.

New to riding? Here are some posts that night be helpful!

How much does it cost to start riding a motorbike?

In most cases, prices can differ. However, we wanted to give you all a quick estimation on what you can expect to spend when you start riding!

Product/ServiceEstimated Price
Provisional License£34
Theory Test/Hazard Perception£23
CBT£80 - £200 (depending on school)
Mod 1 (off-road)£15.50
Mod 2 (on-road)£75
Bike£1000 (depending on what you go for)
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  • Do you have to do a theory test before a CBT?
    Whilst we would recommend a theory test just to get you used to the road, you do not have to do a theory test to go along with your compulsory basic training.
  • I want to do my CBT, where can I find a school?
    Of course, we’re unable to recommend schools all over the country… the Government can help with that!
  • Can I carry a pillion with a valid CBT certification?
    Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to have a pillion on your bike without passing a test first! Your bike must also qualify for a pillion too. Read more here!
  • I’ve heard a lot about 2 years… tell me more?
    Basically, your CBT will last for 2 years, and the same applies to a theory test! If you take your CBT at the age of 17, you will have to wait 2 years until you can qualify for an actual test… plenty training if you ask me!
  • I've done my car theory, does this cover my motorcycle license?
    Unfortunately not, the operations on a motorcycle are very different to those on a car. Riding a motorcycle requires you to move around a lot more.

    The motorcycle theory is a completely different test, with a few questions remaining the same. As it stands, the hazard perception is consistent with the car theory test too.
  • I’m ready to move onto a bigger bike. Where can I sell my 125?
    Right here at We Buy Any Bike! Visit our website for a free quote, we’ll collect the next day!


24 Jul 2020

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