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Sell Your Bike In London

Are you a biker based in London who is looking to sell their bike? We Buy Any Bike can help! Our drivers travel down to London multiple times a week collecting bikes, so why not enter your reg today to arrange your FREE collection!

Being a biker in central London isn’t always the most scenic of places, but it can be very convenient, which is why a lot of people sell their cars and get a bike instead. London can also be a very tricky place to ride in, which is why some believe they gain more riding experience when travelling in London by motorcycle.

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Are you planning a trip to London by motorcycle? This post isn’t just for people who are looking to sell a motorbike! We’ve listed some top places to go in the capital for bikers.

MCN Motorcycle Show London

We recently teamed up with the team over at Carole Nash for a Giveaway on our Facebook page for some tickets for this! Don’t miss out on future opportunities – like our page today (sorry, thought we’d throw that in there just in case you’re interested!

Carole Nash’s MCN Motorcycle Show has been hosting visitors annually from ExCel London since 2008 – that’s 14 years’ worth of bikes! Each year they have lots of exciting exhibitions, such as racing at its very own paddock (pass required), exclusive interviews, auctions, and talks with renowned travel experts.

London Transport Museum

Although this museum isn’t exclusively for motorcyclists, it still has some exceptional exhibits for all kinds of motor enthusiasts. London used to feature its very own motorcycle museum over in Ealing, but unfortunately this closed back in 2019.

Brooklands Museum

Located South-West of the centre, in Weybridge. Brooklands Museum has lots of exciting things to see. There is plenty of motorcycles and exclusive parking for bikes. They even have their own Motorcycle team here! I’ve not been myself, but it’s certainly on my list.

Sell Your Bike In London

Cafes & Hangouts

It isn’t difficult to find places in London that are biker-friendly. By just visiting the city on foot, you’re likely to see just how popular motorcycles are here.

ACE Café

It’s a well-known fact that ACE Café in London is the OG transport café. Although it has various destinations across the globe, the one in Wembley is the original… kinda. Following the destruction not too long after it first opened, they had to build it all up again; and then it closed again for a bit but was open for good from 1994. It advertises itself as a transport café with motorcycles and cars, but it’s mainly a biker café!

The Bike Shed

Arguably one of the most famous places in London for bikers, certainly one of the most iconic. The Bike Shed has been welcoming visitors since 2013.

Blackheath Tea Hut

Contrary to Trip Advisor reviews, locals and bikers are very pleased to see that this local treasure is back open after an accident forced its temporary closure in early 2020.

Spitfire Café

As the name might suggest, Spitfire Café takes its pride in commemorating those who fought for our country, specifically the RAF. It is in Biggin Hill which is commonly recognized for its RAF roots.

Hollyville Café

A short distance from Brands Hatch.

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A lot of hotels in London don’t offer the convenience of security for motorcycles, which is why it can be a difficult place to stopover. However, we’ve done some research and found some places that offer that extra bit of protection for your bike.

The Fox and Goose Hotel

If you’re travelling near Wembley, keep The Fox and Goose in mind for a place to stay. This family-run hotel has 80 comfortable rooms on offer. The Fox and Goose also offer the convenience of secure parking for guests, too.

The Tower Hotel

Smack bang in the centre, The Tower Hotel is located right on the River Thames, so try to get a view on this side. For motorcyclists or car users, this hotel offers overnight parking in the space beneath the building – offering a nice bit of extra security.

Lee Valley Campsite

London might not be the first choice of places to camp, but Lee Valley makes it all worthwhile. On some reviews, visitors were reluctant to stay, keeping ULEZ charges in mind. However, their minds were quickly put to rest following a quick call to the staff at this lovely campsite. You can call them yourself on 03000 030 625.

Motorcycle Clubs in London

Since motorcycling in London has become so popular, there has slowly grown a population of biker clubs over the years. Here are some we could find:


Motorcycle Repairs

If you’re in the unfortunate position to have broken down in London on your motorbike, here are some companies that may be able to help!

  • Leeke Street Motorcycles
  • Traxden Motorcycles
  • AZ Motorcycles
  • Buy My Bike from the Boroughs of London!

    Are you looking for a specific guide to a borough around London? Whether you are looking to ride around or sell your bike in Barnet, Brent, or Bromley. Other places we cover are Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, Lambeth and Newham too!

    Sell Your Bike In London image

    Sell My Bike in London

    If you have stumbled on this page and are thinking, "I want to sell my bike in London". Why not visit our home page for a FREE instant valuation today! Our website will quickly work out a price for you in less than a minute. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your bike with a member of our team, please call us on 0345 340 3616 and we’ll be happy to help. Serving over 1 million bikers in the UK, WeBuyAnyBike pay the most and collect the quickest!



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