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We see you typing all these queries into Google. You’re may be looking for a quick trade up, or you might be looking for some quick cash! Well, WeBuyAnyBike can help! If you’re looking for a local motorbike trader for a quick valuation; we might not be local, but exchange your bike for cash within 48 hours. If you prefer another method of payment, we can do that too!

There can be lots of hassles when it comes to sell motorbike online: where to advertise it, the costs, arranging for people to view the bike, wasting your time when they don’t show up, and when they do show up, you don’t know who you’re going to get!

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Sell my Bike in London

In this day and age, the bike trading industry is growing bigger and bigger. To keep up with the growing trade, companies are progressively branching out into different platforms. Online classified websites are often the first point of call when you want to sell motorbike. This is a great platform when selling privately, giving you a large customer base.

The 40-something-year-old company that is Auto Trader was an idea that was brought up back in 1975. Founder John Madejski established the business with partner Paul Gibbons 2 years later in 1977, following similar article he read in America. He wanted to replicate his recent find to cater to the UK automotive audience. The company has since grown and branched out to become one of the leading online classified retail sites for both trading and private sales. Further to their website launch in 1996, the company has since abandoned their original publications due to the demanding growth of the website.

On the other hand, the alternative option that is eBay Motors stems from the mother company, eBay itself. The reputable company first opened its virtual doors back in 1995, with its first sale; a broken laser pointer. eBay continued its average trade for the next 5 years until 2000, when the website got a little bit more interesting for us bikers; this is when the company launched their automotive market section, which we now know to be eBay Motors. This era was still a relatively mediocre platform when it came to online sales; in 2006, the California based company announced that it had sold its 2-millionth vehicle. To this day, the company (founded by Pierre Omidyar, by the way), now hosts a grand number of 170 million users.

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Social Media Bike Sales

This is another independent route that sellers often take. Fortunately, the world’s leading social media platform, Facebook, has caught on. We all know that the company grew from the little website it once was from 2004. Founder, Mark Zuckerberg established the business with a clear view in mind, and a wise one at that! The site now holds a user count of over 2.18 billion users – that is over a 3rd of the world’s population!

The Facebook Marketplace is an extremely popular platform, and this is probably down to the growing industry of its host. Unbeknown to some, the service was only established just 2 years ago, back in 2016, after various trials had failed since 2007. We’re not too sure what the team over at Facebook did differently, but whatever they did do, they’ve done right!

The platform offers a selling service where the buyer and seller can only directly, sell or purchase an item by directly reaching out to one another. All payment is agreed upon between the duo, and the entire marketplace is run by location only. So, for example, as this post is focused on London, let’s say you lived in Dulwich Village; all the targeted items for sale would be starting out in Dulwich Village too! We suppose Facebook added this feature because it would be easier for the direct contact side of things!

Facebook is a brilliant way of selling on Social Media. We wanted to include this one because we feel it’s the most advanced, well, we’re pretty sure of that! Other sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, do their fair share of second-hand selling, although targeted facilities aren’t yet available on these platforms. The only way to sell an item on these sites is by individual posting on personal pages, in turn using hashtags in hope that the right person might appear to view the post.

Motorcycle Events in London

We like to consider ourselves helpful, with this, we’ve put together a few of our favourite annual events that we think you might like to attend if you live in (or if you’re visiting) London!

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Vintage Japanese Bike Day
This is just one of the very many events hosted at the ACE Cafe. On the 2nd September, head on over to the world famous cafe to see the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club complete their ride out; a perfect opportunity to see some Vintage Japanese bikes kept in top condition!

Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show
This three-day event is held in London every year. The Carole Nash MCN Motorcycle Show hosts a very large selection of bikes, such as models from, Ducati, Aprilia, BMW, Vespa, Piaggio, Zero Motorcycles, Brough, Moto Corsa, and many, many more. Offering a selection of stunt shows, brilliant bike offers; you might find your next ride! This year, they had a bar dedicated to John McGuiness!

The Bike Shed
We’ve recently featured another post focusing on the London area, where we discussed some of our favourite bikers hang out spots; one of them being The Bike Shed. Having noticed that the venue actually hosts an annual event, we couldn’t resist sharing it again! Although they claim the days aren’t strictly classified as an event, on the 25 – 27th May, the guys at The Bike Shed welcome all motorbike enthusiasts to view a large collection of custom bikes in their shop. They host pop-up food stalls and shops, as well as their in-house tattoo parlour and bike shop. Perfect for a day out! In 2018, the tickets cost £18, and under 16’s go free!

Who are we?

Here at WeBuyAnyBike, we have a quick and easy system that allows you to sell your motorbike in a completely hassle-free way. We’re a truly trusted trader, being the leading traders in the industry for over 16 years, we all have a lot of experience in the industry, and we’re all bikers! So if you’re thinking, I want to sell my bike in London but don’t want the hassle, look no further! Sell a motorbike to WeBuyAnyBike today!

We are the UK’s top motorcycle valuation specialist, we can offer an online motorcycle valuation within one minute! The price we offer to buy your motorcycle also includes a completely free collection from wherever you are in London. Where shall I sell motorbike that has outstanding finance? Try motorbike buyer, We Buy Any Bike today!

Once you’ve entered your details, and if you’re happy with the price, one of our friendly sales team will shortly be in touch to discuss what steps to take next. We can even collect your, whilst you’re at work, we can fit a time to suit you!

If you’d prefer to speak to a member of our team, feel free to call us on 01274 600 224. Or, alternatively, if you would like to email us, feel free to pop a few pictures in of your bike, if you’d like it valuating, over at [email protected].

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