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Sell My Motorcycle in the Borough of Newham

Do you live in the London borough of Newham? Are you looking to sell your bike? Look no further! Here at WeBuyAnyBike, we offer cash in hand and FREE collection for all motorcycles within the London and the surrounding area. We also buy bikes from all over the UK too – find your area here!

Newham is one of the largest boroughs surrounding the capital city of London; the 4th largest, in fact. Situated just North-East of London, Newham houses a population of over 347,000 residents!


Biker-Friendly Accommodation

Newham Hotel

This hotel is the perfect stop-over place for if you are attending a match at West Ham, or if you just want to do a bit of exploring around London. Nearby tube stations are Forest Gate and Stratford. The Newham Hotel comes equipped with comfortable rooms and free on-site parking.

Barking Guest House

This quaint little guesthouse is situated on a quiet residential street in Barking. The Barking Guest House is a new B&B with hosts who go out of their way to ensure all of their guests have a warm and comfortable stay. Wilmington Gardens where the house is situated is just a 10-minute walk from the centre of barking, which features a whole collection of shops, restaurants and bars for a nice evening out.


Biker-Friendly Cafe’s & Hang Outs

The Boathouse Cafe & Bar

Rated 5 out of 5 by 126 people on Facebook (to date), The Boathouse is the only riverside cafe in Barking. Although the place is famous for its Jerk Chicken Specials – according to the reviews, the Boathouse also has lots of delicious Panini’s and Salad’s to satisfy your palate. This bar is situated within a quiet ‘tucked-in’ area of town, but it does have a car park within the area that will provide safe parking for your motorcycle.

The Black Lion Pub

This famous pub is a local celebrity, which has actually welcomed many celebrities! Various famous faces have passed through the doors over the years, such as Bobby Moore, Harry Redknapp and even TV Presenter Ben Shepherd! It is also known that back in the days of 1739, the infamous Dick Turpin once stabled his horse Black Beauty on the premises.

As you can see, The Black Lion is known to be the oldest pub in Plaistow, and one of the oldest in the UK. There was a barmaid who once worked here for 68 years! Her name was Milly Morris and she claimed to have been serving pints during the devastation of the war. Since then the Black Lion has grown to be the buzzing award-winning pub that it is today. Serving a collection of plentiful dishes, and some great ales that seem a big favourite with the football fans! There is also free parking on-site for patrons only.

Big Moe’s Diner

Inspired by classic American Diners, this exclusive London chain offers an authentic USA Dining-style experience. They serve dishes such as Burgers, Hot Dogs, Ribs, and Steaks, as well as various other plates and delicious desserts. There is also a large car park on-premises with plenty of room for plenty of bikes!

Cart & Horses

We originally weren’t going to feature this on our ‘bikers guide’ due to the lack of parking facilities. However, if you are a biker who is staying nearby with a passion for Iron Maiden... This place is for you! The band once made their debut here before they arose to stardom. The bar itself is filled with lots of memorabilia!


Motorcycle Clubs

The 59 Club

The most renowned club in the world and the most famous motorcycle club in London! Back in 1959, the 59 Club originated as a youth club for Christians in Hackney. From its first beginnings, it soon grew into a club. It is now dedicated to providing a space for bikers within the Christian community. The 59 Club is run entirely by volunteers and they often host various charitable events. This club welcomes visitors too! See their website for further information

Motorcycle Routes & Motocross Tracks

Epping to Holloway
Bromley to Sevenoaks Loop

Motorcycle Repairs and Parts Shops

Etty & Tyler

This family-run business has been providing repairs, services, and MOT’s to motorcycles (and bicycles) for over 50 years.

Smart Motorbikes

The team at Smart Motorbikes specialize in getting your damaged bike back on the road after an accident. So, if you are travelling in Newham and happen to be unfortunate enough to encounter an accident... Look no further!

Fun Facts about Newham

  • Newham is the birthplace of Speedway Racer, Reg Fearman. On his 16th birthday, he was awarded his Speedway license in front of over 40,000 people at West Ham Stadium!
  • Newham was recently awarded to be the most affordable borough in London.
  • The name ‘Newham’ is actually pretty clever... It is a combination of the old West Ham and East Ham!
  • The Borough of Newham is one of the most ethnically diverse places in the country.
  • You don’t have to travel hours on end to get to Cyprus – there’s one in Newham! – It doesn’t look quite as tropical though, but it still looks very nice!

Sell My Motorcycle in Newham

Are you looking to sell your motorcycle in Newham? Look no further! If you sellmotorbike to WeBuyAnyBike, we will collect your bike from anywhere in Newham at no cost! We offer cash in hand for bikes, bank transfer... whatever you prefer! So why not get your FREE instant quote today?! We Buy Any Bike pay the most and collect the quickest!



17 Dec 2018

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