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Sell My Motorcycle in Leicester

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Planning a trip to Leicester on your two-wheeled-wonder? Here are WeBuyAnyBike's bikers guide to help you on your way!


The Lively City of Leicester!

Unbeknown to some, based in the East Midlands, Leicester is actually one of the most populated cities in the UK! Statistics show that the population has grown to an astounding estimate of 500k in 2017. Over the years, it is evident that the city has established itself to be quite a historic landmark. With the ancient buildings dating back to the first century BC, there are certainly plenty of places to visit for enthusiasts of the olden times.

Biker Routes in Leicester

Coventry – Melton Run

Although this isn’t strictly based in Leicester, this run briefly runs through the city and it is an absolute favourite in the biking world! Starting off just South-East of Kibworth on the A5, head North West through the village until you get to the Leicester Racecourse roundabout. Here you will take the first exit which will leave you heading west.

Head on this road until you approach Narborough Road South, where you will then take a left turn. Aside from a brief right, then left turn onto the A5 at Smockington; this is pretty much a straight road! Passing through Wolvey, you will then approach the M6 before you make your way onto the M69.

At your second roundabout

There will be an exit to your left which will take you onto the A428. You will stay on this same road until you reach the outskirts of Rugby; the Cement Plant to be precise.

Here you will take a left turn onto the B4112, Parkfield Road. Head North-West towards Brownsover and you will find yourself taking a straight road towards Lutterworth. Here you will head east onto the A4303/A4304. At Lubenham you will then head North; at the end of the road, you will turn right onto Gallow Field Road.

Following this, upon your approach to the end of this road, you will then take a left turn onto Harborough Road. It’s all up from there! Continue heading north and you will be taken to the end of the route; Melton Mowbray... and the rest is up to you!

Leicester Airport Route

With this one, make London Road’s Co-op your starting point! Heading west, take an immediate left turn onto the A6, where you will continue on this road until you approach your 6th roundabout. Here you will take the 3rd exit onto Melton Road/B6047 where you will follow this road until you approach the A47, where you will then turn left.


Upon reaching Houghton upon Hill, you will then advance left onto Main Street; later following a further left onto Stretton Lane. Approaching the end of the road, you will then take a right turn onto Garton Road, which will take you over to the same co-op where you started!

This exciting road is interesting for all bikers, but it is particularly interesting for motorists with a passion for all motors; including planes! If you happen to be an engine enthusiast, feel free to pull over and have a good gander at those wings (and wheels) overhead!

Places to Visit & Biker Hangout Spots

In the middle of your trip, you might be looking for something to switch it up a bit! Not to worry, here are some popular historic places that Leicester’s visitors enjoy exploring!

  • Leicester Abbey
  • King Richard III Visitor Centre
  • National Gas Museum
  • National Space Centre
  • Abbey Pumping Museum

Not a fan of history? You might be interested in some pub lunch instead! Here are some biker friendly pubs in Leicester...

The Victoria Biker’s Pub

Situated in Coalville, this particular pub is evidently very biker friendly; it even says it in the name! This venue has been open for business for over 20 years. Established in 1994, it welcomes bikers from all walks of life; it even hosts overnight stays! So, if you’ve travelled far and wide and you’re looking for a place to stay the night, The Victoria Biker’s Pub will make you feel right at home! No matter what your intentions are, they enjoy hosting a selection of events; some of them have even made it on TV! The punters also host bike nights every Thursday and often host charitable events.

More Coffee Co

Situated in Melton Mowbray, this little cafe suggests bikers call prior to visiting in the summer, confirming the availability of their little car park. If you’re considering taking a visit to this lovely cafe, we would certainly recommend it, especially for its famous pies! They also do some other delicious dishes, too!

Hillside Cafe

This traditional transport cafe welcomes all kinds of vehicles, but they particularly love bikes! The bikers in the Leicester community enjoy nicknaming this Belton based cafe, Hungry Hogs. Their Facebook page (linked) is quite evident in their passion for bikes.


Biker Friendly Accommodation

So, you’ve had a ride out, you’ve explored the land, and now you’re looking for a place to stay? Well, you’re in luck, because motorbiketrader, WeBuyAnyBike has a collection of places for you to check out! (Don’t forget the Victoria Biker’s Pub)

Temple Farm B&B

Based in Knights Templar, this working farm is quite an experience! It isn’t quite your average B&B, but it is certainly an interesting one. Owners Pat & Bill enjoy offering their services to visitors from all walks of life. Their cosy rooms offer coffee and tea making facilities, free WiFi, and Digital TV.

Kirkby House

This quaint little hotel is based in Kirkby Mallory, just 20 minutes out of the city of Leicester. Kirkby house offers a selection of facilities to cater for your needs, such as a bar and restaurant, flat screen TV’s, as well as free WiFi. They also have a variety of rooms available; the largest of which, even hosts its own Jacuzzi!

Motorcycle Clubs in Leicester

When planning a trip to Leicester, it might not be a bad idea to look at some motorcycle clubs! The members of these are bound to know the secret gem roads to ride out to. They might even invite you to their own organized events!

Fosse Riders

Established almost 60 years ago, the Fosse Riders were formed by a few former members of the Triumph Owners MCC.  The association was formed as opposed to a club and still stands by its original intentions. For over 40 years, the Riders have grown a strong bond with MENCAP. Each may they join forces with the Charity to host a Combined Children’s Charity Walk. On their website, they also have a selection of public events which anyone can attend!

Ashby Moto Park

Interested in Motocross? Well, if you’re taking a visit to Leicester, we’ve found the perfect place for you! Ashby Moto Park is a great place to enjoy some enduro riding. The land is great; the people are great, and you’re bound to have a great time!

Motorcycle Repairs and Parts in Leicester

Picture this: You’ve decided to explore the land of the UK, and for one reason or another, Leicester has sprung to mind. No matter what drove you to it; spontaneity, your secret love for the historic town (I like history, can you tell?), or maybe you’re going to visit a family member! Whatever the case may be! You’re just about to approach the city, or you just have, and your bike starts playing up. You don’t want to mess with trying to drive it to a convenient place. So, what do you do now? Logging onto WeBuyAnyBike’s Leicester Bikers Guide?

Oadby Motorcycle Repairs

These guys would be a great place to check out. Aside from many other garages in Leicester, Oadby focus on the condition of your bike. They want your wheels just as safe and happy as you want them! As opposed to alternative repair shops who dabble in the car trade as well; Oadby’s only goal is to get your ride back on the road!

Their 30 years experience is a proven example of just how dedicated they are. The business was established in 1979, by current owner Martin Ingham. Before Martin opened his own business, he previously worked specialising in the repairs of Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki models. Though they don’t generally provide parts, according to the website; they will happily provide you with their trusted repairs services.

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