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Selling Motorbikes

Selling Your 125cc Motorbike

Selling a motorbike can be quite a daunting experience, and sellers of 125cc motorbikes tend to be riders who have had less experience in trading motorbikes whether part exchanging or trying to sell their 125cc motorbike privately.

If you own a 125cc motrorbike and are considering selling it, we hope this article helps you consider the different options, enabling you to make the right choice when considering the time, effort, cost and the ultimate price you may get for your bike.

Selling Your 125cc Motorbike

Selling a 125cc Motorbike Privately

Selling your 125cc motorbike on one of the many listing sites can be seen as an attractive solution, however there are things you need to consider:

  • There is a risk of theft in sharing details about your motorbike together with its location – so ensure you vet any prospective buyers carefully before you share your address.
  • Clearly you need to be cautious of how payment is made to ensure that the funds are secure in your bank account before you hand over the motorbike, V5 and the keys.
  • One thing you do need to remember is that there is typically a cost to place the advertisement, then there is the cost of your time in waiting in for prospective buys to turn up, then obviously they’ll be looking for a “deal” – so be prepared to negotiate!

    The final point to consider is that advertising your 125cc motorbike privately doesn’t guarantee a sale, but it may be worth the cost, time and effort if you are looking to get the absolute maximum price for your bike.

    Part Exchanging a 125cc Motorbike

    Part exchanging is a very attractive and quick way to get onboard your next motorbike. You simply present your motorbike to the dealer who is selling the bike you want, and they will give you a price for the difference… sounds good?

    Yes it is very quick and seamless, however it maybe costing more than you think.

    If you went into the same dealer as a cash buyer, you would typically get a discount off the bike you are looking to buy, as the “power” is with you to secure the deal and the dealer is on the back foot.

    When you have a part exchange, the power is with the dealer and they typically over inflate the valuation of your bike to win you over and sell you your chosen bike at the price it has been listed as.

    Selling a 125cc Motorbike with

    If you are looking to sell your 125cc motorbike, then We Buy Any Bike will provide you with an immediate online valuation. You simply need to enter the reg plate of your bike and a few details regarding the condition, after which we’ll provide you with an instant online valuation.

    If you are happy with the valuation, then you can simply book a convenient date for one of our driver to come and collect your bike.

    • No risk of theft
    • No risk of none payment
    • No hanging around for perspective buyers to not turn up.

    Giving you cash in the bank to negotiate a great deal on your next motorbike!



    21 Mar 2023

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