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Motorbike Theft

What To Do If Your Motorbike Has Been Stolen and How To Prevent It

It was reported by The Best Bike Lock, that in 2022, over 70,000 motorbikes were stolen in the UK. What can you do if your motorbike has been stolen? How do you prevent it? Don’t worry, We Buy Any Bike are here to help.

1 – Report Your Stolen Motorcycle To The Police

Take note, after note, after note. You want to capture all the details in front of you and take a lot of pictures. If you have CCTV installed – you’re a winner, as this will certainly help your case. The police will provide you with a crime reference number that will come in useful when you are dealing with the insurance company.

2 – Leave No Fingerprints And Take Nothing But Pictures

Don’t touch the area surrounding where your motorbike was stolen from! Although it is very rare that DNA swabs are taken from crime scenes, it does still happen. So, make sure you keep the area protected and don’t let anyone interfere until the police turn up.

3 – Take a Look Around

Sometimes, you may get lucky and find that your motorbike has simply been the victim of people with too much time on their hands, and nothing better to do. Search your local area – you may find your motorbike was stolen and is still in your local area as the person who stole it, has no idea how to ride a bike. Someone might have spooked them along the way, and you may find that your bike is hidden locally! Go for a wander, alert your friends, and go on a bike hunt.

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4 – Inform your Insurance Provider

If you have had no such lucky recovering your motorbike, the most crucial step is to notify your insurance provider. Don’t approach them in the first instance. If you do, and your motorbike is recovered, there is a chance that your insurance premiums are going to increase drastically, even if your motorbike is found! So, make sure you exhaust all possible avenues of recovering your motorbike prior to notifying your insurance company.

5 – Let Local Garages Know About Your Stolen Motorcycle

You’ve come to the point where you realise, your motorbike is well and truly stolen. Notify as many motorcycle-related businesses as possible in your area. This is the point where you might wish to contact us too! We do, unfortunately, sometimes receive emails that your motorbike has been stolen. We will always aim to keep our eye out and help where we can.

6 – Make your stolen bike go viral!

Social media is a powerful tool. Be sure to plaster pictures of your stolen motorbike everywhere you can – tell everyone! We highly recommend providing a cash offer in exchange for the safe return of your motorbike. You could get lucky, and the perpetrator may post as an unsuspecting citizen to claim the money!

Some other ways that you can make your bike familiar to other riders is by posting it on isitnicked.com and bikersunited.co.uk. These are websites where bikers well and truly look out for each other in these circumstances.

How Do I Stop My Bike Being Stolen

  1. Apply strict security measures to your bike. We have a few tips on this blog post here!
  2. Get a motorcycle storage box.
  3. Do you find that you’re no longer riding your bike? Why not sell your motorbike from bike trader, We Buy Any Bike?! This will prevent the pain of having a stolen bike!


5 Apr 2023

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