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For a good while now I’ve had my personal Twitter feed drenched in tweets about stolen motorcycles or motorcycle equipment. What is going on? What can we do to stop these motorcycles being stolen? Why are they being stolen?


Why are they being stolen? I couldn’t tell you for certain but quite clearly we are all having to save money, and these horrible criminals are making things worse by stealing peoples prized possession. There really is no need for it.

I’ve recently seen that a couple of criminals have been caught after posting what they’d stolen on social networking sites.. why do that?! But why steal in the first place, you’re bound to get caught.

But what can we do to stop criminals stealing these prized possessions? Well, a unique company called DataTag has been formed which tags the motorcycle to its true owner for the police to have the correct information when finding it in the criminal’s hands. A brilliant piece of kit to keep these motorcycles safe as can be.

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Luckily this system is knocking the theft figures down. But still, to this day there are too many motorcycles being stolen. Be it trials, motocross, road bike or even motorcycle racers equipment.

Like DataTag, there are now a few other similar companies trying to stop criminals from stealing motorcycles.

A survey I’ve recently read shows that Swinton Motorcycle Insurance has researched their claims and the most stolen motorcycles are the Yamaha and Triumph. (survey from January 2013).

Another thing

I noticed in their survey was that the only 1000cc motorcycle. In their top 10 most stolen motorcycles was a Yamaha R1. All the others were 600 or 125cc motorcycles.

Also if you’re looking for a new motorcycle and eBay is your thing. Then do please look out for the criminals trying to sell these machines to dumb up cash in these tough climates. A good bet to get rid of your old motorcycle is to get a quote from the guys.

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