Taking A Pillion: Covering The Basics

When taking a pillion, it’s suggested to first become a pillion. Few riders have actually ever taken the back seat, so can’t fully understand what’s like. Something pillions often mention as ‘the scary part’ is the lack of control they have.

The passenger has to fully trust that the rider is going to take good care of them. This trust takes time to build, which is worth bearing in mind when you first take someone out.

The WeBuyAnyBike team have created these three points for riders to keep in mind when taking a pillion for the first time: 

Breaking & Acceleration

Due to the weight of the additional person, braking and acceleration will be affected. If you don’t prepare for breaking well in advance it can be a little uncomfortable.. after your pillion slides forward headbutt butts you!  Again if you rush the acceleration your passenger might feel like they are about to pop off the back, try to be smooth when changing speeds and with your clutch.

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This is an obvious one, but one to mentioned nevertheless! Your bike will feel different, heavier, slightly sluggish, turning will feel strange and so on. You might hate it, you might love it.

If you haven’t taken a pillion before you won’t know until you try!


The more time you give yourself to react to unexpected situations, the better you can handle them.

The pillion will be able to feel your control which will inspire more confidence, so take your time!

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  1. I’m trtying to get the girlfriend on the back of my bike for taking trips over the summer, thanks for posting this blog. It’s gave me a bit more insight into craaying a pillion passanger than I had before. Stay safe bikers 🙂

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