Top 10 Motorcycle TV Commercials of All Time

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Here in the UK, we don’t generally tend to see motorcycle commercials, unless we’re tuned into BSB, TT, or any kind of Motorcycle-dedicated program/channel. Since doing our research for this post, we’ve found that some other countries are a little more fortunate than us on that front.

motorbike motorcycle bike we buy any bike webuyanybike commercials

In India, there are more motorcycle users than car users, so their target audience is bigger. Lucky for them, their advertising regulations are very flexible when it comes to bikes. Over in the states, they’re a little bit like us – motorcycle ads tend to be a rare breed… The ‘rare breed’ being the national treasure Harley-Davidson, of course! Come on, Triumph… get your filming head on and filter our TV screens – thanks in advance!

Anyway, We Buy Any Bike had fun searching for these commercials, so we thought we’d share them with you!

Dog vs. Suzuki

This first one made me burst out laughing when I watched it. I think I’ve seen it before but it’s safe to say that everyone looked over at me when I saw it again. I passed it round the office and everyone pretty much had the same reaction as me! Thank you Suzuki, for this hilarious commercial you’ve made for your GSXR-1000. Keep them coming!

‘Born to be Blind’ – By Harley-Davidson, not us.

I think the Americans were blessed with this one on their screens. Here in the UK, it would probably be banned because it might offend someone. Please don’t be offended that we’ve included it! Just watch this blind guy take a ride on a Harley-Davidson! Also, the tag line wasn’t made by us, blame the HD team for that!

Kawasaki vs. Porsche

Here we have a commercial that you have to sort of force yourself to watch. We say this because you’ve got to ‘wait and see what happens’. At first, I thought it was a still picture and I thought I’d missed the punch line, but then I had a good giggle once I realised what was happening!


We wouldn’t recommend doing what the rider of this ZX-6R does in this commercial, but we credit Kawasaki for making it, even though they probably got in trouble.

Don’t Need Wings To Fly

I think this is definitely one that many can relate to. If you’ve been raised on two wheels, or simply recall counting down the days till you owned a bike back when you were a kid, this one is for you!

One Last Wish

This one isn’t necessarily a funny one, and it’s not in English neither, but it’s still worth a watch! This heart-warming video features some elderly Taiwanese Gentlemen fulfilling their final wish to have a big motorcycle trip together! I think out of all the commercials in this list, this one definitely tugs at the heartstrings, what do you think?

Ride out of office

Have you ever thought of hopping on your bike after your shift and riding straight on over to Egypt and Africa, then back home again? No, me neither… the guy in this video makes it look cool though!

Table Cloth

This might not strictly be a commercial, but it still entertained us a fair bit, which is why it’s on this list. I’m not entirely sure who made the first one, Aprilia or BMW. However, the Germans were right with ‘the oldest trick in the book’ and they certainly won this competition with the S1000RR against the RSV4! A lot of the comments in this video claim that it is fake, I mean call me gullible, but I think it’s the real deal!


We’re just itching to buy one of these… one day! Royal Enfield India have created this breathtaking commercial taking the RE Himalayan to the mountains… possibly to the Himalayans themselves? I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been, but this video makes me want to go.

I mean… just look at the thumbnail!

What Moves You

This Spec Commercial was produced by Brian Lanier, along with his team mates, Shara Esbenshade and Wesley Walker. Watching this video will give you chills, the way they capture this 1198 is just unbelievable.

Enjoyed these commercials?

Which one was your favourite?

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