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10 Films Featuring Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati motorcycles are loved by many – there’s no doubt about it. They’re even loved by the stars of Hollywood. Today, the UK’s leading motorcycle valuation specialists, We Buy Any Bike will be featuring some famous bikes from the big films. I’ve also made a little infographic so you can save it for later!

The Italian Job


They couldn’t make an Italian stunt movie without featuring an Italian bike now, could they? In this iconic scene we see Seth Green not very clued up on the 748 that he has in front of him, it made us all cringe when he dropped it – come on, Hollywood, you can’t put a bike like that on the floor!



This one is the newest of the lot. During this lengthy 5-minute chase scene, we see Tom Hardy, Venom, or Eddie (you can choose which one – they’re all the same) racing around the streets of San Francisco on an 803cc Scrambler.

Freaky Friday (2003)

Chad Michael Murray starred in this one back in 2003 riding a 2001 Monster 900 Dark with Jamie Lee Curtis as Pillion. This is a very short scene, just a one hit wonder for the movie, but you might remember the part where Jamie simply says “Hello, It’s a Ducati!”.

The Matrix Reloaded – Ducati 996


Well, let’s just say that Debbie Evans was well and truly spoilt for choice playing the stunt-double for Carrie-Ann Moss in this one wasn’t she! In this Matrix Classic we see yet another classic car chase using stunts galore – Debbie in particular is riding a 996 – a black one, in this case. She had a selection to choose from, but she probably wanted it to go with her outfit.

Tron: Legacy


Here we have one of the most iconic motorcycle moments in the history of film. Well, the Sportclassic Sport 1000 actually appears throughout the film. There’s another bike in this too, but there doesn’t seem to be much talk on that one... whether it’s CGI or not, I guess we’ll never know (or we might do if someone enlightens us in the comments – hint, hint).

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps


The iconic scene in this movie features our office favourite – the Classic Desmosedici RR racing a Motoczysz C1 900 on a nice crisp autumn day. We don’t know much about Motoczysz bikes to be honest, and Wall Street doesn’t actually show anyone winning, but it still makes us want to get out on the road.



In this iconic scene from 2004’s Catwoman we see Halle Berry brainwashed by a cat strolling on over to her Monster 4, and proceeding to ride it through the night. The film suggests that the cat has taken over Patience (Berry’s Character). This is quite interesting really, you never see cats riding motorbikes do you?

Yes Man – Hypermotard


The ultimate escapee, Jim Carey does a runner from his hospital bed on this Hypermotard, a ‘project’ he granted for some bloke who wanted a grant from his bank. Carey, known as Carl in the film did a fair few wheelies on his way to find his woman who left him. He went all Evel Knievel on us practically all the way to her... how very believable!

Terminator: Salvation (2009)


In this 2009 blockbuster, we see a very heavily modified, almost unrecognizable... well, very unrecognizable Ducati Hypermotard 1100. Known as its ‘pet name’, ‘nickname’, whatever you want to call it – the bike is named ‘Mototerminator’. The only parts of the bike that are actually recognizable is the wheel structure. In the film we see the bike transform into a skeletal ‘terminator’ who rises up from his seat and proceeds to open fire!

Transformers 2


This movie features the 848 as you’ve never seen it before, not only is it pink – which is quite rare in the eyes of Ducati riders. But it is also, of course, a Transformer robot. In the famous scene in the Revenge of the Fallen, we see Arcee (848) and her friends go into battle. At the end of the day though, they may be a Ducati, but they are also only a motorbike, so they don’t really stand a chance against a giant cement mixer and especially a mining excavator, as well as all the other giant bulldozing machinery.

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