Tron Bike: The Real Deal

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If you’ve been a reader of our blog posts for a while, you might recall the 10 Films Featuring Ducati Motorcyclespost featuring the Tron: Legacy Motorcycle. The whole model seems all too good to be true, but if you take a trip to the States, you might just see a handful of these street legal models by Parker Brothers Concepts out on the road!

If you’re a true film fanatic, you’ll know that the ‘fantasy bike’ was designed by artist Daniel Simon. If you know anything about a company called Parker Brothers Concepts, you’ll know just about how renowned they are for replicating iconic vehicles from films. This is exactly what they did with the famous Tron Bike; in the end, making it a not-so-fantasy bike – and in turn, making it available for the general public to ride (if you can afford it, of course).

tron bike motorcycle bike parker brothers concepts webuyanybike we buy any bike

Who are Parker Brothers Concepts?

Truth be told, I started writing Warner Bros then – my apologies! In 2010, the Parker Brothers, Shanon and Marc established their brand and garage, inspired by various Hollywood Heartthrobs. No, we’re not talking about George Clooney, we’ve already spoke about him here!

Born in some old town in South Carolina. Growing up, the Parker Brothers were always messing about in the garage. They would building up their own vehicles with what they had. This soon grew into their adulthood and it seems it was a passion that clearly stuck with them! Nowadays you can pay a visit to their workshop and man-made award-winning museum in Port Caveral. Here you will find the Tron bike; but not only that, you will also find the iconic Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine, the Batmobile, some sort of beast from the Halo games, and much, much more!

tron bike motorcycle bike parker brothers concepts webuyanybike we buy any bike
Image Source: Parker Brothers Concepts

The Tron Bike… What’s it all about?

We first saw the beginnings of this project on Halloween of 2017 – not sure if there was a plan about that because we can’t really see the movie as a horror movie but hey-ho! During the foundations of the prototype, the engine that was presented was from a Suzuki 996cc V-Twin. Following this, they realised that it was 2017, and the whole world was moving down electric avenue, so they decided to ride on down there too. The first pet-name for this project was ‘Xenon’ which sounds pretty beasty if you ask me, but the new name is equally as good, and very relevant.

After some adjusting, the team were proud to present to the world, NeuTron which can be seen as is today!

As standard, the bike includes:

  • Air Con Induction Motors
  • Lithium-ion Battery Packs
  • Aero Carbon Fibre around the Steel Chassis
  • Green Electrolumiunescent Strips
  • Customisable Colours & Lighting
  • Thumb-Scan Recognition!!!
  • iPad Mini Digital Display
  • A Button-Activated Kick Stand

Can I buy this Tron bike?

You can, if you have a hefty amount of $65k to spare – that’s all there is left! This cost isn’t even for the premium ‘Platinum’ edition, there’s another $10k added to that, but thankfully for our wallets, this edition is all sold out.

Like us, you might be curious as to what the range has to offer, so here’s what we’ve grasped from the Parker Brothers Concepts website…

Standard Edition

This bike includes all of the above features, along with a D/C Brushless Motor to replicate the motors that would be present if this bike was to be powered by an engine. It also comes with a set of AGM batteries and altogether, this bike would be priced at $55k… but they’ve all sold out!

Silver Edition

Coming with a price tag of $65k, the Silver Edition is the only Tron model that is available at the moment, and they only have 1 remaining! Featuring an Upgraded Motor & Battery Pack, along with Turn Signals, Headlights and Mirrors and more!

Platinum Edition

Priced at $75k, this is the one that’s also all sold out, so it’s one of them ‘you can look but you can’t touch’ situations. The Platinum pretty much matches the Silver, but the upgraded motor and battery pack allows you to ride for up to 100 miles. The Platinum also includes a Tag Bracket, Tag Lights, Bar Mounted Mirrors, and Leather Seating.

tron bike motorcycle bike parker brothers concepts webuyanybike we buy any bike
Image Source: Parker Brothers Concepts

What’s Next for Parker Brothers?

Who knows! Since writing this, they haven’t posted anything on their social media pages for nearly a month. We’ll make sure to we’ll keep our eye on them, not to worry! According to their website, you can pitch them your idea and they’ll make it for you! If you do end up doing that, and you’ve found Parker Bros Concepts through this page, tweet us a picture!

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