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Ways to Sell My Motorbike

“I want to sell my motorbike” - If this has been you over recent weeks, then you are probably deciding on the best way to sell your current bike. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but below we have looked at the 3 main options you’ve got when it comes to selling your motorbike.

What are the ways I can sell my motorbike?

Sell my motorbike privately

Selling privately is the traditional way of selling a motorbike but long gone are the days of advertising in shop windows or local papers. Nowadays you have a wide range of advertising opportunities at your disposal including social media and websites such as Ebay, Gumtree, Autotrader, or MCN. With a private sale, you might get a better price for your bike, but you also need to consider the time, effort, and money you are going to have to invest. Listing your motorbike on these sites can be expensive and you’ll also have to spend time taking photos, writing a description, and arranging viewings. You are also going to meet your fair share of hagglers and time wasters.

There are also safety and security concerns. We’d suggest having someone with you when you do viewings and don’t leave people alone with the keys. You also need to make sure that payment is done in a safe and legal way.

Even after all that, your motorbike might not sell. Selling websites are very crowded markets and it can be difficult to get the list price right. Waiting for your bike to sell is wasting valuable time you could be spending on your new one.

Read more here on selling your motorbike privately.

2) Part-Exchange my Motorbike

Part-exchanging your motorbike with a dealer can be a quick and easy-process. It allows you to simply swap your current bike for a new one and make up any difference. Sounds good right?

Well, with this option, you are always going to sacrifice some value of your motorbike. Dealers will have to consider repair/maintenance costs your bike might need and what mark-up they’d have to add to re-sell it for a profit. They will factor this in when giving you a price for your bike.

You also lose a lot of bargaining power if the dealer can see how keen you are on their new bike and might offer you less for yours as a result. Part-exchanging your motorbike also means you are limiting yourself to that one dealer and you might be missing out on better deals and better motorbikes that are available elsewhere.

Read more here on part-exchanging your motorbike

3) Sell my motorbike with WeBuyAnyBike

Now of course, we would say this, but selling your motorbike to WeBuyAnyBike.com is the quickest, easiest, and most-hassle free. There are no advertising fees, no timewasters, no hagglers, and no safety or security issues. Simply enter your registration, mileage, and a few other details and we will give you an instant price for your motorbike.

If you choose to accept our offer, we will collect your bike for FREE and send you the money via bank transfer within 4 working days. (You can even choose our premier payment option to get the money instantly).

There is no waiting around for your bike to sell or restricting yourself to one dealer. Selling your motorbike to us gives you the money and freedom to start looking for your next motorbike anywhere.


Rachel Mackie

1 Sept 2023

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